Payal Gaming's BGMI ID, stats, rank, YouTube income, and more details (June 2022)

Payal Gaming has impressive stats in the new BGMI season (Image via Sportskeeda)
Payal Gaming has impressive stats in the new BGMI season (Image via Sportskeeda)

Payal "Payal Gaming" Dhare is one of India's most popular BGMI YouTubers and content creators. She has a massive fanbase who flock to watch her videos and livestreams daily. Her humble and friendly nature has helped her rise through the ranks quickly.

The streamer is an inspiration to young girls trying to establish themselves as gamers. To add to her repertoire, she has started vlogging, attracting many new followers to her channel per day.

Things to know about popular BGMI streamer Payal Gaming's profile in June 2022



Like other popular games, Battlegrounds Mobile India provides users with unique numbers that act as their ID. Payal's fans can use this ID to search for her in-game profile to send her friend requests. They can even use her in-game name (IGN) to find her profile.

Payal's UID in the Battle Royale title is 5120321397, and her IGN is S8ulPÄYÄL. "S8ul" stands for the gaming organization she represents in events.

Seasonal stats and rank

Payal's livestreams are full of fun as she interacts with her audiences. She plays BGMI to enjoy and to churn content out of it. However, an improvement in her stats has posited her over many gamers who seriously play the shooter.

In the new Cycle 2 Season 6, Payal has reached the Diamond IV tier, garnering 3381 total seasonal points. However, if she plays daily, the internet star might as well get to the Ace Master tier, which she has achieved in previous seasons.

Payal Gaming's performance in the new Cycle 2 Season 6 (Image via Krafton)
Payal Gaming's performance in the new Cycle 2 Season 6 (Image via Krafton)

Payal has already played 23 classic matches in the TPP Squad mode and won Chicken Dinners in eight of them in the new season. She has reached the top 10 in 20 games alongside her squadmates (highlighting a top 10 percent of 87).

Payal has managed 13431.9 total damage with average damage of 584.0. Furthermore, the broadcaster has maintained an F/D ratio of 3.52 and has outclassed 81 enemies.

Payal's survival abilities are reflected in her average survival time of 10.1 minutes (which is impressive as she mainly plays the new Core Circle themed mode). Her improvement is seen in the headshot percentage of 25.9.

Moreover, 11 most finishes and 1374 damage dealt in a match remains her best performance in BGMI's new C2S6.

Note: Payal's stats were recorded while writing this article and will change over time.

YouTube income

Payal is reportedly the most prominent gaming content creator amongst women in India. She recently crossed the two million subscribers mark on her YouTube channel, Payal Gaming, and the number currently stands at more than 2.14 million.

The streamer is also an integral part of one of the biggest gaming organizations in the country, S8UL, and is managed by 8bit Creatives.

Based on Social Blade's stats, Payal has generated revenue between $1.4K and $23K in the last 30 days from her popular YouTube channel. She has also gained more than 80K subscribers in this period.

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