PUBG Mobile YouTuber Paras Singh opens up about post-arrest experience after controversial remarks

After getting bail, PUBG Mobile YouTuber Paras Singh has shared his post arrest experience in an interview
After getting bail, PUBG Mobile YouTuber Paras Singh has shared his post arrest experience in an interview

Reacting to a letter by Ninong Ering, an MLA from Arunachal Pradesh, to Prime Minister Narendra Modi against the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, several PUBG Mobile content creators have made racist comments against the politician.

One of the content creators, Paras Singh, aka Paras Official, passed some inappropriate and racist slurs against the former MP. In the video, which he later deleted, he was heard saying, "I don't think he is Indian." He later also released an apology video.


The controversial remarks resulted in massive public outrage as people demanded strict action against the miscreants.

A complaint was filed against him under Section 124A/153A/505(2) of the Indian Penal Code and action was initiated. He was later arrested by the Special Investigation Cell of Arunachal Pradesh state police and brought to Itanagar.

He was recently released on bail and in an interview with Arunachal Mirror, Paras Singh said that he had reacted inappropriately and is very ashamed of it. He further added that he learned a lot from everyone about Arunachal Pradesh in the last few days.

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PUBG Mobile content creator Paras Singh shares his post arrest experience


While speaking to a correspondent for Arunachal Mirror, Paras Singh had the following to say about his experience over the past two weeks in Arunachal Pradesh:

"I have found my experience to be quite different from what I expected. I was surprised at how people treated me with love and affection.
"At first, people were upset with me because of the remarks I passed in one of the videos. But after I talked with them and they got to know me, they understood I didn't have intentions to hurt their feelings or sentiments."

He said the following when he was later asked about his interaction with the MLA from Pasighat West Assembly Constituency, Ninong Ering:

"When Ninon Ering sir had come to the jail, as a result of COVID – 19 regulations, we were able to meet. After that, sir spoke to me via video conference and taught me numerous valuable lessons. Having spoken ill of a good man like him, I am really ashamed of myself."

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