Top 5 BGMI alternatives for Android after the game's ban

BGMI's ban in India has helped many other mobile games rise to popularity (Image via Sportskeeda)
BGMI's ban in India has helped many other mobile games rise to popularity (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Samarjit Paul

The removal of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) from the country's Google Play Store and Apple App Store on July 28 created a massive uproar among players of the battle royale.

The Indian government decided to temporarily ban the game in the country under Section 69 (A) of The Information Technology Act, 2000.

Many players have already started looking for alternatives as they are uncertain about BGMI's return.

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Apex Legends Mobile, Free Fire MAX and 3 other alternatives that BGMI players can try out after the game's ban

1) New State Mobile


New State Mobile was initially launched in November 2021 under the name PUBG: New State. The game is a more advanced version of PUBG Mobile.

BGMI and New State Mobile share similar features and mechanisms, making it a great alternative to the recently banned title.

However, New State Mobile offers far better graphics. The game's futuristic elements and enhanced sound effects have attracted many pro BGMI players, who have been livestreaming it on their YouTube, LOCO, and Rooter channels.

Download size on Google Play Store: 1.4 GB

2) Apex Legends Mobile


Developed by Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends Mobile was released globally a couple of months ago. The title has since become a favorite among mobile gamers around the world due to its fast gameplay and impressive graphics.

Both Battlegrounds Mobile India and Apex Legends Mobile boast a combination of tactical combat and shooting action. However, EA's survival shooter arguably offers a more engaging experience as it has a fun and upbeat gameplay approach as opposed to the seriousness of Krafton's title.

Apex Legends Mobile has a variety of special characters called Legends. Each one has special abilities divided into three categories โ€” tactical, passive and ultimate.

Players can opt to play as one of these characters, and their choice will determine how well they play in a match. They can also form squads of three and battle against other teams in battle royale matches.

Download size on Google Play Store: 2.9 GB

3) Call of Duty: Mobile


Published by Activision, Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games on the Google Play Store. Like its PC counterpart, the game has a huge esports scene, with many large-scale tournaments taking place throughout the year.

COD Mobile's BR mode shares many similarities with BGMI. In this mode, 100 players land on an island and fight each other for survival.

The game also provides players with a large variety of maps, released from one season to another. It also has multiple game modes, each with different objectives for players to complete.

Download size on Google Play Store: 2.3 GB

4) Free Fire MAX


Free Fire MAX was released in 2021 as an upgraded version of popular battle royale Free Fire. It offers better graphics, effects and animations than the original game.

Free Fire's ban in India in February 2022 made its MAX version a competitor of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The title has seen a massive rise in popularity since BGMI's ban. It is especially popular among players who play BR games on low-end devices.

Free Fire MAX has multiple modes and exciting gameplay features to keep players engaged. The game has many similarities to BGMI, making it easier for players to transition to it.

Download size on Google Play Store: 504 MB

5) ScarFall: Royale Combat


Like Battlegrounds Mobile India, ScarFall: The Royale Combat is a battle royale game made for the Indian playerbase.

Developed by XSQUADS Tech, the title has gained massive popularity among low-end device users. It offers both offline and online in-game modes. Every BR mode match lasts 15 minutes.

ScarFall: The Royale Combat has similar gameplay features to BGMI, making it a great alternative for the banned game.

Download size on Google Play Store: 654 MB

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