Top 5 PUBG Mobile and BGMI guns that need to be buffed in 2022

Buffing up guns in BGMI and PUBG Mobile for better performance (Image via Krafton)
Buffing up guns in BGMI and PUBG Mobile for better performance (Image via Krafton)
Samarjit Paul

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the Indian variant of PUBG Mobile, was released in India in July. This came after a 10-month gap since PUBG Mobile's ban in the country. The Indian version has taken the mobile gaming market by storm with its increase in popularity.

This resulted in players getting into an in-depth analysis of the features available in the game. The rise in Esports scenario also helped players thoroughly judge loot locations, rotations and weapons. Consequently, some weapons need to undergo changes in 2022 to become better versions of themselves.

Which are the top 5 PUBG Mobile and BGMI guns that need to be buffed in 2022?

1) Win 94

The Winchester or Win 94 is a single-shot sniper found in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. The gun is not as powerful in-game as it is in real life. Win 94 uses .45ACP ammo and has a high reload time.

The gun comes in with an inbuilt 3x scope which cannot be changed. This hampers long-range sniping, which is the primary task of a sniper. With some changes in 2022, Win 94 can become a weapon to rely on.

2) QBU


The QBU is a Sanhok-exclusive weapon that can be used as an automatic sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Although QBU has a base damage of 48 and becomes an excellent weapon in mid-range fights, its high recoil brings its downfall.

Krafton can buff this gun up by lowering its recoil and making it available on other maps as well.

3) Mosin Nagant


The Mosin Nagant sniper rifle is one of the most overlooked guns by BGMI and PUBG Mobile players. Players who love to snipe often prefer a Kar98K, M24, or an AWM. Despite having high base damage, Mosin Nagant's high reload time makes it a component of negligence.

Mosin Nagant can use a bit of polish in 2022 to its sound, damage rate and reloading speed.

4) Scar L


Scar L may seem a shocking inclusion in this list to many readers. Although Scar L has a high head hitting percentage and has a base damage of 42, the gun is consistently chosen as secondary to M416. Scar L will be the go-to weapon in-game with a recoil reduction.

5) MP5K


MP5K is a submachine gun found in various maps of BGMI and PUBG Mobile. However, unlike Vector, Micro Uzi and UMP 45, MP5K is not preferred by Esports players or classic players.

However, with a reduction in reloading speed, the MP5K can become a lethal gun as it has a higher range than other SMGs using 9mm ammo and can also be equipped with scopes.

Note: This article reflects the author's views.

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