How to get multiple room cards in PUBG Mobile

Different ways to get room cards in PUBG Mobile (Image via Sportskeeda)
Different ways to get room cards in PUBG Mobile (Image via Sportskeeda)
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PUBG Mobile has seen a rapid grown in popularity since its release a few years ago. With an increase in popularity, the nitty-gritty in the game has also increased. The game provides several in-game cards that enable players to do various things.

Room cards are of different types, ranging from a single day use card to seven day use cards. Room cards help players and PUBG Mobile Esports tournament organizers to create matches according to their wishes. However, room cards are scarce on PUBG Mobile.

What are the various ways to get room cards in PUBG Mobile?

1) Get room cards from clans


Getting a room card in PUBG Mobile can be very tedious, let alone getting a room card for free. However, obtaining room cards from the players' respective clans is absolutely free and easy to get on with. Only players who have joined a clan that has attained Level 2 or higher can avail room cards through this process.

Players can get multiple room cards from clans during their stay in that clan. They need to head over to the clan shop to redeem a room card in exchange for 300 PUBG Mobile clan points. These clan points are easy to get by completing daily clan objectives.

However, each player can only redeem one room card (that can be used once) in a span of 10 days.

2) Get room cards from Royale Pass rewards


Room cards can also be obtained for free from the PUBG Mobile Royal Pass rewards. Room cards present in the Royale Pass are available for one day use. Players can complete the daily and weekly activities present in the Royale Pass to rank higher in the Royale Pass to get the room cards present in Level 28 and 48 in the free section.

However, it can become very problematic for players who have not purchased either the Elite Pass or the Elite Pass Plus of the Royale Pass to reach Level 48. Therefore, obtaining a second room card at Level 48 is mostly guaranteed for players who purchase the Royale Pass.

3) Purchase room cards from the in-game shop


Room cards can be purchased from the PUBG Mobile in-game store in exchange for UCs. However, this is only limited to players who are willing to spend money on the game.

There are two types of room cards available in the in-game shop. The seven day advanced room card has a price of 500 UC while the one day advanced room card is available for 100 UC.

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