Top 5 reasons why the BGMI unban should continue beyond 90 days

Extension of unban in BGMI
Why there should be an extension of BGMI's unban (Images via Krafton)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), a famous battle royale game in India, was banned by the Indian government last year in July. However, it was granted a 90-day reprieve in May 2023. During these three months, the authorities will be monitoring the title to see if the game's developer, Krafton, violates any of the strict rules. This 90-day period is critical to assess its compliance with the Indian government's rules and regulations.

Since it is under probation, there's a chance that the game may get banned again. In such a case, there will be a major impact on the mobile gaming market in the country. This article will share five reasons why this battle royale game should continue beyond 90 days.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer.

Exploring why BGMI should continue to stay unbanned after 90 days

1) Economic impact on the Indian gaming industry


The ban imposed on BGMI had a huge impact on the mobile gaming sector. According to the report State of India Gaming FY 2021–2022, the Indian gaming industry is predicted to produce $8.6 billion in revenue by 2027. It is also mentioned that players spend an average of 80 minutes every day playing this game.

If the Indian government extends the BGMI unban period, the gaming industry in India will be able to expand and thrive, resulting in job creation and revenue generation for the Indian economy.

2) Responsible gaming measures


Krafton has made efforts to address concerns about data security and gamer well-being since the suspension in July 2022. It has adopted tougher methods to protect user information, such as data localization. The developer has also included tools to promote responsible gaming practices, such as limiting playtime and sending health reminders to the players in the game.

These measures aim to promote a healthier gaming experience and ensure that gamers can play BGMI responsibly. The progress made in these areas can continue to help in the extension of the unban period of this game.

3) Future of the esports community


The BGMI esports community is thriving, with increased help from professional players, teams, and competitions in India. The game's ban had stunted the growth of India's esports industry, and will most probably do so again. As such, extending the unban will allow players to resume their competitive journey, contribute to the growth of the esports scene, and provide ambitious gamers with opportunities to display their skills on a bigger stage.

Not only that, extending the unban period can attract investments and sponsorship to the esports scene in India. Several esports giants, including Fnatic, Nova, and TSM, have already invested in Indian rosters.

4) Engagement and social interaction in the game


BGMI serves as a platform for players to build relationships with others in the game. It has created a space where they can connect and collaborate with others both in-game and on community sites.

Furthermore, the extended unban period of the game will boost the viewership in community-driven websites in the gaming niche in India. This, in turn, will leads to the creation of more content, tournaments, and other events from content creators and streamers, fostering a dynamic environment for BGMI's playerbase.

5) International collaboration and competitiveness


Extending the battle royale title's unban will allow for greater international collaboration and higher competition in the gaming industry. By allowing Indian players to compete in international tournaments against teams from across the world, BGMI can aid in the growth and awareness of the gaming community on a global scale.

International collaborations encourage players to learn about diverse playstyles and tactics utilized by those from across the world. Such scenarios provide an opportunity for exposure, allowing Indian esports professionals to represent the nation on a global scale.

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