Top 5 tips to control recoil easily in BGMI

Reduce recoil for easy Chicken Dinners in BGMI (Image via
Reduce recoil for easy Chicken Dinners in BGMI (Image via

The ability to control recoil in BGMI can be a saving grace during combat. Being able to control the gun with ease and ensuring that every bullet finds its mark can be the difference between a "Chicken Dinner" and getting eliminated early in the game.

While some weapons in-game have low recoil, others are hard to control, and in the heat of battle, players can become overwhelmed with trying to keep the gun steady while shooting.

This article will discuss some basic tips and tricks that players can use in BGMI to understand better how to control recoil, which will allow for steady shooting and quick elimination in-game.

Top 5 tips to reduce and control recoil in BGMI

5) Crouching

While crouching in BGMI may not be the ideal way to reduce recoil while firing, it is the easiest to master and fastest to do. Crouching while using any weapon reduces the recoil by a considerable amount and allows for longer durations of sustained fire.

Although this method of recoil control may not be feasible during aggressive gameplay, it is still a handy and easy skill that players should learn as soon as possible.


4) Customize sensitivity settings

BGMI has its own custom sensitivity settings that players can change at will in-game. To get accustomed to high recoil, players can tweak their sensitivity settings to their desired percentage.

Despite the factory settings being good, new players can reduce their sensitivity settings to control the gun on sustained fire better and understand the recoil pattern of the weapon. Over time, as better understanding and control is achieved, players can then revert to normal changes or increase it further.

3) Weapon choice

While crouching and customizing sensitivity settings are a good way to reduce the impact of recoil in BGMI, understanding the recoil pattern of each gun will greatly help players counter-recoil.

In addition to understanding recoil, figuring out suitable firing patterns for each weapon will also allow players to reduce recoil and improve their aim over time seamlessly.


2) Burst Fire

One of the easiest ways to reduce recoil in BGMI is by using burst fire. Rather than spraying bullets at a target, players should opt to use burst fire, which will have lower recoil, and a higher chance of hitting the target.

While emptying a magazine at close range encounters may be a good way to take down an opponent, in sustained and mid-to-long-range combat, burst fire is the best way to reduce recoil and conserve ammo as well.


1) Weapon Attachments

In addition to all the mentioned tips, using the proper weapon attachments is a game-changer in BGMI. Certain weapon attachments reduce recoil and spread, which will allow players to take headshots or spray into an opponent's center of mass with ease.

While finding suitable weapon attachments for a particular weapon may not be possible in every game owing to their scarcity. However, players should indeed try to find them to reduce recoil.


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