Top 5 BGMI landing spots for the best loot in Sanhok

Best place to loot in Sanhok
Best place to loot in Sanhok (Image via Krafton)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) features a diverse set of maps, each with its distinct topography, obstacles, and, most importantly, places with crucial loot. Among these maps, Sanhok is one of the most popular and well-liked by players. Its compact size, fast-paced gameplay, and lush greenery create an adrenaline-pumping experience that players can't get enough of.

Knowing the greatest landing areas for loot is one of the keys to success in Sanhok, as it allows you to gear up quickly, improve your odds of survival, and raise your chances of securing that coveted chicken dinner.

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Top places to loot in the Sanhok map in BGMI

5) Docks

Docks (Image via Krafton)
Docks (Image via Krafton)

Docks, located in the bottom right of the Sanhok map in BGMI, is an underutilized landing site that can reward you with plentiful loot while avoiding the commotion of more popular points of interest. Along the coast, there is a succession of warehouses and sea containers. Docks, despite being less congested, nevertheless has ample loot, making it a good choice if you want a quieter start or fewer squads.

You can expect to find a range of weapons, armor, attachments, and healing supplies within the structures and containers in BGMI. There are also boats nearby that can be used for rapid looting.

4) Ruins

Ruins (Image via Krafton)
Ruins (Image via Krafton)

Ruins, located in the bottom left region of the Sanhok map in BGMI, is a treasure trove of loot and violent firefights. This site contains ancient temple ruins and underground corridors, offering you an intriguing and dynamic setting to explore. Ruins attract a large number of players in both casual and ranked battles due to their prominent location and high loot density.

Those who choose to land here will find top-tier weapons, level 3 armor, and a plethora of attachments both within the main temple building and around the ruins. However, jumping at the Ruins can be risky as they might become crowded soon, leading to heated early-game battles in BGMI.

3) Pai Nan

Pai Nan (Image via Krafton)
Pai Nan (Image via Krafton)

Pai Nan, located in the central region of the Sanhok map in BGMI, is a small and lovely village with surprisingly good loot potential. Despite its small size, it has become a popular landing location for gamers looking for a healthy combination of loot and early-game combat. The village consists of many two-story residences and warehouses, providing varied loot opportunities.

Here, you can generally find a good selection of weapons, armor, backpacks, and healing goods. Pai Nan's architecture encourages strategic gaming by providing several vantage points for scouting and fighting foes in the game.

2) Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort (Image via Krafton)
Paradise Resort (Image via Krafton)

Paradise Resort, located on the upper right side of the Sanhok map in BGMI, is a lavish hotel complex that promises high-tier loot and furious skirmishes, as the name suggests. The main hotel building, which houses powerful weapons, scopes, and unusual attachments, is a hotspot for expensive loot. Surrounding hotel rooms and surrounding pools also have plenty of items for you to swiftly level up.

Paradise Resort can be a risky landing location due to its high loot density and popularity, with numerous squads competing for possession of the region. You should expect immediate clashes, but success here might pave the way for a good match.

1) Bootcamp

Bootcamp (Image via Krafton)
Bootcamp (Image via Krafton)

Bootcamp, located in the central region of the Sanhok map in BGMI, is a high-action landing zone famed for its fierce close-quarters battle and huge loot rewards. With various multi-story structures, warehouses, and huge open areas, it serves as a military training complex. Because of its great loot potential, Bootcamp is notorious for attracting many players.

You can expect to discover many weapons, armor, ammunition, and healing supplies on its premises. Bootcamp's high-risk, high-reward nature makes it a popular landing site for aggressive players who are confident in their combat skills.

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