"Is this optimal? Who cares" - Fans react to Ronnie Coleman pulling weights at gym in full sweatsuit

Ronnie Coleman (Image via Fitness Volt)
Ronnie Coleman (Image via Fitness Volt)

Ronnie Coleman is known as one of the GOATs of bodybuilding along with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In his highly prosperous career, Ronnie has won eight Mr. Olympia titles. Mr. Olympia's are considered the most prestigious title that every professional bodybuilder would dream of winning someday.

Yesterday, Ronnie posted a video of himself on Instagram, where we can see him pulling weights at the Metroflex gym in a full sweatsuit. He posted a caption along with the photo. The caption is attached below.

"You know it’s gotta be freezing cold for me to be working out in a full sweatsuit. This had to be the coldest night ever in Metroflex gym. It was 12 degrees outside and about 20 degrees inside the gym. No matter what I did I could not get my hands to thaw out. They were numb the entire time of the workout. Oh well, once again it’s on, ain’t no freezing temperatures stopping no workout for BigRon. #yeahbuddylightweightbaby."

Ronnie claimed that his hands were numb throughout the workout and stated that there were no freezing temperatures. Below his workout video, a follower of the eight-time Mr. Olympia title winner wrote:

"Is this optimal? Who cares. It's Ronnie f'ing Coleman"

Ronnie Coleman had mentioned that it has been extremely cold outside the gym as well as inside it. The GOAT Bodybuilder isn't the only one affected by the extreme cold, as the whole of the US and Canada has been affected by the winter storm.

Fans react to Ronnie Coleman's workout video

Fans and followers of Ronnie Coleman rushed to the comments section under the video Ronnie posted. There have been around 2,155 comments under the video in which the former bodybuilder can be seen pulling weights. Some of the fan reactions have been attached below.

One follower of Ronnie's wrote:

"Way to go champ keep at it"

Another fan of Ronnie posted the bodybuilder's famous catchphrase. He wrote:


Aware of Coleman's history of injuries, one fan expressed concern about Ronnie pulling weights:

"Arent behind the back pulldowns bad for you?"

Yet another follower of Ronnie wrote:

"I thought pulling bar behind is not a good exercise. But now i changed my mind. If ronnie do that, then me too."

A follower of Ronnie posted a comment saying:

"The definition of what true motivation looks like thank you Ronnie ❤️"

A few more fan reactions have been attached below:

"Love you dude. I f***ing love you. I watched your documentary on Netflix. The very next day was the first day in my 2yr straight workout journey. You are inspiring. You deserve the absolute best"
"Ronnie bout to make a come back! 🔥"
"🤩🤩🤩 u are a true legend king ronnie"
"You have no idea how much this video inspires me, pushes me more in the gym, life, anything. You’re something special Big Ron! To all of us ❤️🥹💪🏼"
"It's your character and attitude to life it self that STILL makes you a Champion!!!!🙌👏"

While some fans expressed concerns about Ronnie Coleman pulling weights, some of the fans claimed that Ronnie is a real motivation for all of them.

When did Ronnie Coleman retire?

Ronnie Coleman retired from professional bodybuilding in 2007 after his final Mr. Olympia appearance. The American bodybuilder was unbeatable in Mr. Olympia from 1998 to 2005. He claimed eight consecutive Mr. Olympia titles.

In 2006 Mr. Olympia, Coleman finished in second place before finishing in fourth place in his final Mr. Olympia appearance. Multiple surgeries have slowed down Ronnie Coleman since his retirement from bodybuilding.

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