Vikas Krishan performed in Olympic bout with a major shoulder injury

Indian boxer Vikas Krishan Yadav [Image Credits: Vikas Krishan/Instagram]
Indian boxer Vikas Krishan Yadav [Image Credits: Vikas Krishan/Instagram]

India at Olympics 2021 has seen a mixed bag of results at the end of their first day. The Indians ended their Day 1 with a silver medal while Vikas Krishan Yadav was one of the Indian pugilists in action today.

The 29-year old suffered a heartbreaking loss in what was his last Olympic campaign. A boxer of his stature who has given so much to Indian boxing getting knocked out this early is a setback. Here's what transpired during the Indian pugilist's match against his Japanese opponent.

Vikas Krishan knocked out early at Olympics 2021

The Indian boxer lost 5-0 to Japan's Quincy Mensah Okazawa. The Japanese boxer looked in control right from the start. Krishan was not given many opportunities by his Japanese counterpart. Okazawa went all out in attack and eased past Krishan's defence to land some big punches.

Vikas Krishan is one of India's most experienced boxers. This was his third Olympic campaign and, as he earlier announced, probably his last. He is usually quick in the ring but that was not the case today. Krishan looked uncomfortable right from start. It was later revealed that the Indian had suffered from a shoulder injury before the bout.

Vikas Krishan Yadav's shoulder injury cost him his Olympic dream

The Indian pugilist had been preparing really hard for the Olympics 2021. However, all his efforts were in vain as he suffered a shoulder injury that eventually hampered his performance in the ring. However, Vikas Krishan showed his Olympic spirit by making it to the ring. He could have easily backed out of the bout but is not someone who would quit without putting up a fight.

A blow from Okazawa had the Indian rocked but despite this, he continued his bout. All the rounds ended in 10-9 wins for the Japanese boxer. He looked in prime control of the bout from the start, but the result might have been different if Vikas was fully fit.

The Indian pugilist might end his career without an Olympic medal but the warrior-like mentality he showcased has definitely won lakhs of hearts. After the agonizing loss, his best friend Neerag Goyat took to his Twitter handle and tweeted:

"Vikas Krishan Yadav, you fought today despite your shoulder injury and the agonizing pain that you've been under. It needs strength of character to fight a battle such as this one with one working arm and what matters is that you tried your best. You're an inspiration and a true Indian."

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