"I wanna see the kid do well": Colin Cowherd 'roots' for Bronny James' potential NBA career amid criticisms

NBA: Combine
Bronny James during the 2024 NBA Draft Combine at Wintrust Arena.

NBA legend LeBron James' eldest son Bronny James has been in the spotlight since he decided to enter the 2024 NBA draft. However, the pre-draft process has not been free from challenges and scrutiny.

Sports commentator Colin Cowherd chose his side and took a stand in support of Bronny James, pointing out that it appears everyone else is rooting against him.

"I'm rooting for Bronny just cause everybody's rooting against him. So I'm gonna see the kid do well. By the way, I watched some workout video yesterday and I swear to God, it looks like Bronny has sped up his release." (Timestamp: 0:30)

The host of 'The Herd with Colin Cowherd' also weighed in on Bronny’s potential NBA career and humorously dismissed the notion that LeBron would leave the Los Angeles Lakers just to play on his son's team if Bronny doesn't end up with the Lakers.

"An NBA executive thinks LeBron James’ future is connected to his son, and says you have to have the conversation internally about drafting Bronny James if you’re a Western Conference team because it could held you land LeBron, "Cowherd said. "But I’m listening to all these teams who think they have a chance with LeBron. He’s not leaving the Lakers."

Bronny James limits his workout schedule to Lakers and Suns

Ten NBA teams reportedly expressed interest in inviting Bronny James for pre-draft workout sessions, but the 19-year-old declined all of them except for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns.

Bronny's agent Rich Paul said while many teams showed interest, Bronny will only be joining a maximum of two or three teams.

The USC guard has already turned down 8 private pre-draft sessions, narrowing down the potential teams to the Suns and Lakers as the frontrunners to draft him and possibly attract LeBron James.

Colin Cowherd compares LeBron James' situation with Tom Brady.

Cowherd is not buying the idea that LeBron’s future could be tied to his son’s and that drafting Bronny might influence LeBron’s decision to join him. He emphasized that LeBron has already proven himself as a winner, regardless of the coaching staff.

The Fox Sports broadcaster goes as far as drawing comparisons between two of the greatest athletes in sports, LeBron and Tom Brady.

"He [LeBron] is not 24. This is not Tom Brady at the end of his career. LeBron has proven he can win without everybody; coaches are irrelevant. He won without Spoelstra and Pat Riley," Colin added.
"Winning another championship for LeBron James does nothing to his legacy and nothing to his net worth. He’s a marketing machine, he’s a billionaire, he got two in Miami, one in Cleveland, one in LA. Another one in Phoenix is not going to change anything."

Cowherd elaborated on why he believes LeBron does not have any new achievements to contribute to his record and legacy.

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