"All that just to fire him after 2 bad years": Fans react as LA Lakers reportedly propose $100M, 8-year contract to UConn HC Dan Hurley

UConn Huskies head coach Dan Hurley
UConn Huskies head coach Dan Hurley

On Thursday, news broke that the Los Angeles Lakers were targeting UConn coach Dan Hurley to take over their vacant coaching position. Since then, the story has had multiple developments, including Hurley's meeting with Lakers GM Rob Pelinka and owner Jeanie Buss on Friday.

Now, reports suggest that the Lakers are willing to offer Dan Hurley an eight-year contract with $100 million. At his current job with the Huskies, Hurley is signed to a six-year, $32.1 million contract.

While most fans were not shocked by this, some felt like this was too much for someone they were not sure would actually bring results.

"All that just to fire him after 2 bad years with the team. Lakers love throwing away money," one fan wrote.
"I better see an OKC type build up with that kind of deal. I do love the idea of getting a foundation set up for once," a fan commented.
"He’s gone get paid all that just to be the fall guy 😭," another wrote
"This only makes sense if the Lakers blow up the current roster and start from scratch, a la OKC 4-5 years ago... If not, this is Pitino/Calipari 2.0 in the making IMO," a user commented
"Only $12.5 million per year that’s chump change. Monty Williams got paid more to lead Detroit through the worst losing streak in NBA history," another fan wrote

Meanwhile, other fans were excited to see Hurley in LA.

"Finally, hopefully we can keep a coach around for 5+ years," a fan wrote
"Good 👍 only chance to save that franchise when bron retires/leaves this year," another commented

Former NBA champion Reggie Miller gives Dan Hurley his stamp of approval

The news of Dan Hurley's potential hire has also been accompanied by doubts about his ability to transition from college to the NBA. Many have compared this to the Rick Pitino/John Calipari situations, where both coaches struggled during their brief stints in the league.

However, former Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller shared on The Dan Patrick Show that Hurley is a fantastic fit for the Lakers.

"To me, there's more pluses. I'm sure a lot of people feel like, 'He has no NBA experience. What is he doing? This is going to be a Rick Pitino and John Calipari all over again.' Maybe they're right. But I just think that Dan Hurley would be a fantastic fit for the Lakers," Miller said. (2:41)

He also added that Dan Hurley's ability to develop and bring out the best in his players would be a great asset to LA.

What do you think of the potential Dan Hurley hiring? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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