Former UConn star Nika Muhl once revealed a funny reason behind her and Paige Bueckers' argument: "Nobody opens up the Google though"

Paige Bueckers and Nika Muhl
Paige Bueckers and Nika Muhl's friendly banter.

UConn star Paige Bueckers and former Huskies guard Nika Muhl are close friends. But she admits they are stubborn and hard-headed people, so there are times when they engage in friendly banter that leads to playful arguments.

In one interview, the two recall one such moment when they argued about whether sharks lived in Croatian seas. Bueckers was apparently trying to make Muhl, who lives in Croatia, understand that there were sharks in their sea.

"Meanwhile, I live in Croatia and I know that there's no dangerous sharks in the Croatian sea," said Muhl.
"Yes, there's sharks in the Croatia sea. That's the argument that I won," Bueckers said laughingly.
"These arguments can go on forever. Nobody opens up the Google though," Muhl continued.

But Paige said that her findings were based on her Google research.

"I looked it up on Google and it said there's sharks in Croatia sea," Paige replied.

Nika Muhl ended the interview by saying that their arguments can go on for a long period of time but she always wins them at the end.

Fans may never know who actually wins the argument between the two, but they have seen them support each other like good friends.

Bueckers attended the 2024 WNBA draft in order to support Nika and Aaliyah Edwards on their special day. The 22-year-old was seen recording her friends when their names were called up on the stage.

Singer Kehlani wants Golden State Valkyries to draft Paige Bueckers in the 2025 WNBA draft

Instead of declaring for the 2024 WNBA draft, Paige Bueckers decided to return to college for the fifth year. The star hooper wants to increase her draft stocks and also wants to chase a national championship title. Many fans, analysts, and critics believe that Bueckers will be the No. 1 pick in next year's draft class.

It seems like many will have to wait for a year for Bueckers to show off her talents at the pros but singer Kehlani advocated for Paige to be a part of Golden State.

Kehlani was asked which player would be the best fit for Valkyrie, the newest addition to the league, her answer was:

"I’mma say Paige Bueckers," Kelani said. "Be on the right side of history, Paige," she added.

Bueckers is one of the top players in the women's college basketball scene and drafting her would be an advantage for any team.

Which team should draft Paige Bueckers in the 2025 WNBA draft? Let us know your thoughts in the discussion box.

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