LeBron James opens up about son Bronny James 'end goal': "We asked him plenty of times"

LeBron James and his son, Bryce James
LeBron James and his son, Bryce James

L.A. Lakers star LeBron James has stood by his son Bronny James as he has weathered a storm of criticism in the past few months due to his college basketball form with the USC Trojans. LeBron has never hidden his intention to play with his son in the NBA but the question has often been whether the Trojans prospect wanted to play in the NBA.

During an episode of the "Mind the Game" podcast hosted by JJ Redick, LeBron James shared Bronny's ultimate career goal and how he has dealt with his son almost getting into the NBA via the draft (7:34).

"As a parent, to be able to be there to witness a child of yours start to live out a dream of theirs, is something Bronny has always talked about. We've asked him plenty of times like 'what's your end goal?' And his end goal is to be in the NBA and to see him almost at that moment for a parent it's something you can just be in awe of," LeBron said.
"I mean you want your kids to be able to live out their dreams and whatever that is, whatever direction they take and for myself and Savannah to be there and to be at the combine in Chicago this past week with other kids that are trying to live out their dreams, it was kind of pretty remarkable."

Bronny James highlights difficulty of being LeBron's son

Bronny James has always had the tag of the heir to the chosen one as LeBron James's firstborn son and the pressure has only been magnified with the advent of social media.

The criticism has been even harsher than the hype that he got during his high school days at Sierra Canyon, especially as he did not have the type of impact in college basketball that was initially envisioned by both fans and analysts.

During an interview with "SiriusXM NBA Radio" at the recently concluded NBA Draft Combine, Bronny James shared why he opted to declare for the 2024 NBA Draft.

“I always want to end up where I am happy the most. My mom has always told me to take me where my heart wants me to be. I just found happiness in what I am doing right now.”

Bronny James's shared how hard it was to be his father's son.

“It’s tough. A lot of criticism gets thrown my way, but you know I got to deal with it,” he said. [My critics] don't know what I've been through ... I just try to make the best of [the] opportunities that's given to me."

Bronny James rehabilitated his draft stock during the NBA Draft Combine and might still deliver on the early promise and hype that he has grown so accustomed to if he gets drafted in the upcoming NBA Draft.

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