Will UConn’s Dan Hurley sign the reported $100M Lakers’ contract? NBA insiders have their say

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Dan Hurley to be the new HC of the Lakers? Let's see what NBA insiders say.

One of the biggest news stories to come out of the college basketball and professional basketball worlds is the potential hiring of UConn HC Dan Hurley as the coach of the LeBron James-led LA Lakers. As per an NBA insider, the Lakers will present him with an eight-year, $100 million contract. Many fans, analysts and critics are excited to have their say on the matter.

Some are excited to see Hurley accept an offer from the Lakers, while others have doubts about his ability as a college basketball coach transitioning into the NBA.

While the chatter may never stop, it's important to note and understand what top NBA insiders are reporting. So, let's take a look at three insiders who gave their thoughts on the possible "Dan Hurley to LA Lakers" news.

#1 Mark Medina of Sportskeeda predicts Dan Hurley to have a smooth transition to the NBA

As mentioned before, there are analysts who are concerned about his lack of NBA experience. Hurley has coaching experience spanning almost three decades and has won back-to-back NCAA tournaments.

Therefore, Medina sees him as an ideal candidate for a team filled with powerful athletes like LeBron and Anthony Davis. Additionally, Medina believes that Hurley won't have any problems making himself feel comfortable in a new setting.

“Just because he doesn’t have NBA experience doesn’t mean he won’t be able to succeed at that job because he has such an extensive resume that aligns really well, as far as his basketball acumen in college basketball."
"And I think that the feeling within the Lakers, they have confidence that he can adjust to the differences of the NBA, how much longer the schedule is, with the fact that these are superstar players, you don’t have to yell at them everytime. I think that he has a great learner’s resume to make his amazing resume even better.”

#2 David Pingalore believes Hurley's wife is the foremost decision-maker

While discussing the UConn HC's deal on "KTLA," NBA insider David Pingalore said that he doesn't think Dan Hurley will accept the Lakers' offer because of his wife.

"My NBA sources say they do not think Hurley would take the offer if there is one," Pingalore said. "Redick is kinda still their guy."
"All of this is gonna hinge of Hurley's wife making this decision. They're from the northeast. Is LA really their kind of place to live verus the countryside of Connecticut?"

Despite Pingalore's statements, Andrea Hurly, Dan's wife, was seen in Los Angeles at MSG with coach Luke Murray. It was reported that Andrea had visited the front office of the team.

#3 Hurley to make a decision on the Lakers coaching job, as per Adrian Wojnarowski

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the UConn coach was impressed with Los Angeles' offer. Hurley found it to be a "compelling" scenario with an enticing long-term contract. Woj also reported that Hurley will make a final decision on Monday, June 17.

Many are expecting Dan Hurley to come forward with the final verdict and clear all the suspense related to the sports world's most-awaited news. Considering the ideas conveyed by the insiders, it seems as though there's a high chance that Dan Hurley would accept the offer.

However, the pursuit of winning his third national championship title could also stop him from coaching LeBron and Co.

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