Former Huskies QB Michael Penix Jr. spoils GF Olivia Carter with flowers and a love note - “I love you with all of me baby”

Michael Penix Jr., Olivia Carter
Michael Penix Jr.'s girlfriend Olivia Carter got a sweet surprise.

Michael Penix Jr. had a great year in college football in the 2023 season. He led the Washington Huskies to the national championship game and came ever so close to winning the Heisman trophy. Though he fell short on both occasions, he had his girlfriend Olivia Carter’s unwavering support throughout.

With all that in mind, it shouldn't come as a surprise when Penix decided to spoil his girlfriend with a bouquet. Along with the flowers, he also sent her a heartwarming note, letting her know how much he misses her while he is away.

Here's what former Washington Huskies quarterback Michael Penix Jr. wrote to his girlfriend Olivia Carter:

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“I love you with all of me baby girl!!!! I miss you so much."

Carter took to Instagram to share the snap of the gifts she received. She returned the favor in terms of a loving message, asking her love to return home while also revealing the amount of love she has for Penix.

“The amount of love I have for this man is sickening,” Carter wrote in her Instagram story.
The bouquet and card sent by the former Huskies QB.
The bouquet and card sent by the former Huskies QB.

Penix is preparing for the upcoming NFL draft after ending his college football career on the highest he has ever been. He is aiming to be the first Huskies QB to be drafted since Jacob Eason in 2020.

While Eason had to wait for the fourth round, Penix might not have to wait that long. As always, he will have his girlfriend Olivia Carter as his solid support.

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Michael Penix Jr. heaped praises on former head coach

Olivia Carter isn't the only person Michael Penix Jr. has praised recently. He also fully trusts his former head coach Kalen DeBoer. He also likes his ability to win a national title with his new team the Alabama Crimson Tide in his first three seasons in Tuscaloosa.

Penix also revealed what it will be like for the Alabama players to play under DeBoer:

"He's gonna push the guys extremely hard. He's gonna make sure every player is 100% prepared come game day and man and especially on the offensive side of the ball, man, they're gonna light it up. The offense that he installs, it's amazing,” Penix said in a recent interview.

With the draft just under three months from now, Penix would be locked in to secure his NFL future. But it goes without saying that he misses his girl every day he is away from her.

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