“Great parenting by Coach Prime” - CFB world left unimpressed by Deion Sanders’ son Shilo Sanders’ bankruptcy news

“Great parenting by Coach Prime” - CFB world left unimpressed by Deion Sanders’ son Shilo Sanders’ bankruptcy news
Deion Sanders (L) | Shilo Sanders (R)

The drama never seems to leave Deion Sanders and his family. The latest news coming out of the Sanders clan is that Coach Prime's son, Shilo Sanders, is filing for bankruptcy to allegedly avoid paying $11.89 million amid an ongoing legal battle, dating back almost a decade.

Amid the bankruptcy filings, Shilo's NIL earnings, to the tune of roughly $1.1 million (according to On3), are attracting a lot of heat. Many college football followers are unimpressed by the move.

"Great parenting by Coach Prime," one wrote.
"He is always telling his players be a man be responsible and he has his kid hiding," another wrote.

Another fan aimed at the Sanders clan, tweeting:

"Sounds about right for that family."

Some see this turn of events through the lens of Shilo's NFL draft prospects dropping:

"Not NFL material."
"These are the kinds of stories that see prospects fall off of draft boards. GM’s don’t want to deal with it," another tweeted.

One fan took a dig at Deion Sanders' parenting:

"Man, ever since I've been introduced to Sanders' kids, it's got me really re-thinking the kind of Dad and Man Deion is."
"Coach prime is such a great leader!!! Here is an example of it," another fan tweeted sarcastically.

One user tweeted:

"Instead of being held accountable and paying the fee like a man, he files for bankruptcy! Must of learned it from his father!"
"Can they come after his father to pay his debt…," one tweeted.

Another user commended his bankruptcy move:

"Dad taught him well."

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The story behind Deion Sanders' son going bankrupt

Shilo Sanders has filed for bankruptcy after being ordered to pay $11.89 million in a lawsuit. The incident that led to this financial downfall dates back to 2015 at Focus Academies Triple A Academy.

The trouble began when Shilo, then a high schooler, made an out-of-hours phone call. Security guard Josh Darjean attempted to enforce the school's no-phone policy, which led to a confrontation.

According to court documents, Shilo attacked Darjean, elbowing him in the chest and continuing to strike him after he fell. Darjean was hospitalized with severe injuries, including a broken neck and permanent neurological damage.

Deion Sanders, the school's CEO at the time, intervened via phone, instructing Darjean to confiscate Shilo's phone, which intensified the situation.

"You're my brother in Christ," Deion Sanders said as per court documents. "I need you to go get the phone. As soon as you get the phone from him, give me a call back."

In 2022, a state court found Shilo Sanders guilty of assault and battery against Darjean. This ruling resulted in a hefty financial penalty, pushing Shilo into bankruptcy.

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