Who is Brady Scott? Florida State linemen proposes to his girlfriend following upset loss

Brady Scott proposed to his gf after a loss
Brady Scott proposed to his gf after a loss

Florida State has nothing to cheer for after they lost their first two games of the 2021 season. The Seminoles made a good impression against #9 Notre Dame in the first week. However, the disappointment was huge after they suffered an upset loss to FCS team Jacksonville State in the second week.

Not everyone on the team was having a bad day, however. Even though the Seminoles lost a game which they should have won more than easily, offensive lineman Brady Scott used the aftermath to propose to his girlfriend while on the field.

Now, obviously it was a little bit weird to see a player proposing to his girlfriend on the field after such a loss, but Scott probably had everything set up way before the game happened. It's safe to assume that his family was present and there was no way to postpone - and yes, he probably thought Florida State would have an easy game.

At the end, the result of the game does not matter at all. Scott was a happy man whose relationship took an important step with his family and friends at the stadium. The loss will sting for some days, their relationship will last a lifetime.

Brady Scott proposed to his gf after a loss
Brady Scott proposed to his gf after a loss

Florida State's 0-2 start is worrisome

Florida State's good impression from their close affair against a top-10 team was left behind last Saturday, when they lost to an FCS team. The loss to Jacksonville State was the first time ever that Florida State lost to an FCS team. Mike Norvell took full responsibility for the loss:

"This football team's not going to quit. We have to build and get better, and we're going to. This will be something we look back to. Nobody wants to have the experience, nobody wants to have the feelings, but it's our opportunity to respond to it, and it's our opportunity to go get better."
"That's why last night we didn't just sit out there and drag our heads around. Was anybody happy? No, they were sick to their freakin' stomach about what happened Saturday night. But you go back out, and you go to work."

It was the second time this season that Florida State lost on the final play of the game. However, the differences between the two losses are clear. There's been four years since the last FSU winning season, and it looks like this situation will extend beyond 2021.

Edited by Diptanil Roy
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