Avengers vs X-Men vs Eternals: All you need to know about Marvel's Judgment Day 2022 series

Judgment Day series (Image via Marvel Comics)
Judgment Day series (Image via Marvel Comics)

Judgment Day is near. Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals are the big three of the Marvel comic book universe that keeps the world safe from evil forces. However, Marvel just launched a trailer and cover art for a new comic book event where the three colossal forces are pitted against each other.


The Judgment Day series, written by Kieron Gillen and artist Valerio Schiti, is scheduled to hit the stands in June 2022, and the event is expected to tie in all the ongoing stories of the Marvel universe. The six-part series will begin with a prelude issue titled A.X.E.: Eve of Judgment #1.

In Judgment Day, Eternals clash against X-Men, with the Avengers trapped between the two

❌ A. X. E. Avengers vs X-Men vs Eternals: Judgement DayKieron Gillen. Valerio Schuti. Marte Gracia. Verano 2022. ❌

The Avengers are stationed in their newfound headquarters inside a dead celestial while the X-Men lead an immortal life on the utopian island of Krakoa and the Eternals are tasked with cleansing the world of deviant forces. The Marvel comic book universe has attained peace, but not for long.

The balance of the Marvel universe is shaken in the Judgment Day series when the Eternals realize that mutants are a form of deviant. The sworn purpose of the Eternals makes them bear arms against the X-Men and the Avengers in a three-way showdown.

Marvel has long teased the clash between the giants in a teaser dialog between prominent members of the three teams. A member of Avengers Ironman said:

"Speaking broadly, I'm pro-hubris but… How on Earth do you think we're going to make a god in a few hours?"

The mutant X-Men Irene Adler had mentioned that:

"There will always be war. That's one thing we can always be sure of.”

But the most crucial detail about the clash comes from the eternal Druig, who can be heard saying:

“For a million years, Earth has been protected from the Deviants. But we made a mistake… We missed some. The mutants."

Writer Kieron Gillen described the event as:

“There's a classic metaphor to describe the Marvel Universe – a toybox, which creators take toys out of, play with and put back. I get it, but it's never quite how I've seen it – I think 'play' in another way. I think of a music shop, with all these instruments with their different qualities suggesting different songs, different stories.”

Gillen further explained:

“For all the Marvel instruments I've played, I've never written an event."

Creators of the Judgment Day series Kieron Gillen, Valerio Schiti, and Marte Gracia are adept at handling all three Marvel teams. Gillen is currently working as a writer on the now ongoing Eternals series. He will also be writing the new Immortal X-Men series. The ramifications of the Avengers vs. X-Men event that was seen in the comic book AvX: Consequences was written by Gillen himself.

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