Did DC introduce a new Justice League in Dark Crisis #1? Exploring the scope of the new league

Dark Crisis #1 (Image via DC Comics)
Dark Crisis #1 (Image via DC Comics)

Justice League is dead and the events that followed in Dark Crisis have given direction to a brand new chapter. The series tells the story of a multiverse in intense danger of the Great Darkness, and amidst the tragedy, the next generation of heroes are doing everything they can to rebuild the trust of the people.

In Justice League #75, Justice League valiantly fought the Dark Army to save the multiverse from The Great Darkness. They were brutally killed by Pariah, who channeled all of Great Darkness' power to defeat the league, and with Justice League dead, young hero Jon Kent stepped up to start a new Justice League.

All about the new Justice League in Dark Crisis

Dark Crisis #1 (Image via DC Comics)
Dark Crisis #1 (Image via DC Comics)

The death of the OG members of the Justice League has caused a lot of inconvenience for the heroes left to pick up the pieces. Citizens are angry and scared over the massive loss, and the villains are striking out to make their long on-hold dreams come true. While the heroes are doing whatever they can to punch out the chaos and restore balance, their efforts are considered frail in the eyes of the people. While Jon Kent wants to start a new league, he runs into obstacles. Fans too are left underwhelmed by these new developments.

1) Dick Grayson doesn't want to start a new Justice League

Jon Kent, for one, wants the citizens to have faith in the remaining heroes. In Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis, we see him approach Dick Grayson to specifically start a new Justice League. While he deemed that a new Justice League would generate hope in the townies and fear in the baddies, Grayson quashed his proposal.

In Grayson's justification, he feels the original Justice League will return as he has seen many funerals turn into resurrection parties. However, as the situation kept on worsening, in Dark Crisis #1, Jon took the responsibility of creating a new Justice League into his own hands. He approached many people, too many to be specific, to join the new team of earth's protectors.

2) Jon Kent takes the initiative to create a new Justice League

Jon asked multiple superheroes such as Yara Flor's Wondergirl, Jace Fox's Batman, Sojourner Mullein's Green Lantern, Vixen, Peacemaker, and Firestorm to join the team. After a stretch, he collected eleven new members of an all-new Justice League: Ted Kord's Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes' Blue Beetle, Jackson Hyde's Aquaman, Damian Wayne's Robin, Sojourner Mullein's Green Lantern, Kimiyo Hoshi's Doctor Light, Harley Quinn, Frankenstein, Supergirl, Booster Gold and Killer Frost.

3) Reviews and theories about the new Justice League

While some team members can be considered potent, others have a reputation for wreaking havoc on a mission. The league's creation, in addition, took off so quickly that it was underwhelming for many fans. Fans had been waiting for this reveal for months, and the efforts taken by Jon to form a new team singlehandedly seemed like a decoy until DC unleashed the actual new Justice League. Black Adam also showed off his turndown for the new Justice League by saying:

"This is not Justice League. The world needs capable protectors, not children. You're trying to run before you can walk, Son of Kal-El. You are not ready for this role. You and I both know who should lead the new Justice League."

Black Adam openly pointed out that Jon is not ready to lead the league and that Nightwing is the only right choice, making Jon leave the JLA headquarters. Various internet spoilers have indicated that the death of a Titan member will provoke Nightwing enough to step up as the new leader of an all-new Justice League. However, only time will tell if that will happen.

Dark Crisis has been going strong since its release. The series has fans eyeing every issue as it will affect the DC universe at large, and we are excited to face what happens next. The events in Dark Crisis#1 will be followed by Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 on June 21, 2022. Fans may also find some chunks of information in the next issue of Superman: Son of Kal-El, to be released on June 14, 2022.

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