Doctor Strange's third eye explained: Exploring potential reasons behind the extra eye in Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange's third eye explored (Image via Marvel Studios)
Doctor Strange's third eye explored (Image via Marvel Studios)

This summer's most anticipated movie, Doctor Strange 2, is now available in theaters. Although the film successfully catered to fans' expectations, several questions are still left unanswered. The film was full of shocking yet horror moments, and the one thing we can't stop thinking about is Doctor Strange's third eye.

In the movie, Wanda chooses a dark path to capture America Chavez to travel to the universe where she can meet her sons. She also successfully caught her by tricking Doctor Strange.

To protect Chavez from Wanda, Strange initially wanted to use the Book of Vishanti. Unfortunately, Wanda destroyed the book, leaving Strange with no other option than to get his hands on the evil book, Darkhold.

However, the movie establishes the fact that the book corrupts everyone who uses it. So, when Strange was walking on the streets at the end of the movie, he suddenly collapsed. That's when a third eye appears on his forehead. Now, fans are curious to learn more about the evil eye.

Why does Doctor Strange have a third eye?

In MCU, the Sinister Strange was seen having a third eye, and this is the first time that a version of Strange has appeared with this strange feature. This version of Dr. Strange uses the Darkhold to kill several versions of himself in alternate realities. On top of that, he was responsible for the Incursion of his universe, which killed trillions of people.

So, it's obvious that the version of Strange was corrupted. And since he featured a third eye, fans quickly connected the extra eye with evil. Now that Earth 616's Strange has also grown a third eye, fans wonder if MCU's Dr. Strange has gone evil.

The third eye grants several powers to its wearer (Image via Marvel)
The third eye grants several powers to its wearer (Image via Marvel)

Well, in the comics, Doctor Strange's third eye is said to be the manifestation of the Eye of Agamotto, who was one of the members of Vishanti. The eye is far from being a symbol of evil, it's the exact opposite.

The Eye of Agamotto was created to contain Time Stone, and we saw Doctor Strange using it in the first movie. Thanos destroyed it in Infinity War, but Strange returned with the Eye in No Way Home.

The third eye comes with several powers, such as the ability to spot hallucinations or disguises created by someone. So, it's one of those powers that Strange might find helpful during the upcoming Skrull Invasion in the MCU.

It also releases a mystic light and grants the ability to open portals to different realities. Mostly, the eye doesn't work well if it appears on an evil person, and only someone with a pure heart can use it.

In the movie, the eye appears on the users of Darkhold, but that doesn't necessarily mean that anyone can access its powers. However, we might see Strange use it in the upcoming MCU projects because, unlike Sinister Strange, Earth 616's Stephen has a pure heart.

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