How did Devil's Reign finale comic issue change the destiny of Marvel Universe's New York and Daredevil? (Spoilers)

Devil's Reign Issue 6 cover (Image via Marvel Comics)
Devil's Reign Issue 6 cover (Image via Marvel Comics)

Devil's Reign, the six-part event written by Chip Zdarsky has finally come to an end. Changing the destiny of New York forever in the Marvel Universe, the story marks an end of Daredevil and Wilson Fisk's rivalry, at least for the time being, and had some interesting shades of Daredevil Season 3 seep into it.

For those who don't know, Devil's Reign follows Wilson Fisk as he tries his best to rid New York of masked vigilantes. The big goal here was though to kill Daredevil once and for all. With that being said, let's see exactly what happens at the end of Devil's Reign.

Warning: Spoilers will follow from here.

How Devil's Reign sets up Daredevil vs the Punisher

After Daredevil learns that his twin brother Mike Murdock was killed by Fisk (who thought he was actually murdering Daredevil), Matt loses it and goes after Fisk leaving the battlefield only to deliver a beatdown on him. Elektra joins the fight too by trying to slow down Fisk and Mary so that it can be an even fight once Matt arrives.

In the battlefield, Joseph is using mind-control on everyone to cause chaos on behalf of his father, Purple Man's orders. Luckily, Luke Cage shows up in time and convinces Joseph to fight against his father and let this triad come to an end. Joseph begins fighting his father in his head and is able to let go of his control.

Daredevil, on the other hand, is fighting Fisk and delivers a beatdown on him like never before. Matt on the verge of killing Fisk, is stopped by Elektra (surprisingly of all people, it's Elektra) as she doesn't want to see Matt go down a dark path. Matt realizes that this is not the hero he wants to be and doesn't want New York to see him kill someone (shades of Daredevil Season 3).

He then decides he won't let New York know that he is alive and will go away with Elektra. Elektra and Matt then form The Fist, a group that will fight against the Hand.

Fisk is arrested by the cops and is taken to jail as he was outed and with that, Cage is set up to be the next mayor as he had applied for the position. So it looks like Luke Cage is going to be the next Mayor of New York City.

Not only that, it looks like we are going to get a story where Daredevil and Punisher are going to butt heads as Frank is currently working for the Hand. Since Daredevil is being rebooted this year, it looks like this will be the central conflict of that story.

Wilson Fisk also won't stay in jail for long, as his son Butch has already devised his escape. He also makes sure that Fisk would become the president after making a deal with the Stromwyns, but it looks like that won't be happening since Fisk has plans of his own. Fisk wants Butch to inherit his empire and become the new Kingpin of New York.

Well whatever it may be, Devil's Reign really did change the fate of New York for the better, but for how long? The story of Daredevil vs Punisher is one that really seems exciting and we can't wait to see how their story continues.

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