Is Ms. Marvel a mutant in MCU? Kamala Khan's djinn lineage and inhuman comics origin explained

Ms. Marvel a potential mutant (Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios/Marvel Comics)
Ms. Marvel a potential mutant (Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios/Marvel Comics)

The newest MCU superhero, Ms. Marvel, concluded its final episode on Disney Plus. The series showcasing the first teenage Pakistani superhero Kamala Khan was received fairly well by the audience and is praised for its funky treatment, deep-rooted South Asian culture, and a stunning performance by Iman Vellani.

However, hardcore Marvel fans were a tad bit disappointed about the changes in the character's origin story as the creators took the liberty to stray away from her comic book Inhuman history. While the series tried to keep Ms. Marvel's origins a mystery, the final episode shed some light on the character’s genetic makeup.


In the Marvel comics, Kamala Khan is a Djinn, which makes her an Inhuman and not a mutant. But in the final episode of the series, it was revealed that Kamala's genes have some sort of mutation which allowed her to unlock her powers when she came in contact with the magic bangle. This could very well lead to Kamala Khan being the first mutant in the MCU.

Ms. Marvel is set to become the first mutant on the path to the MCU

As episode six draws to an end Kamala’s best friend Bruno claims that he has studied her genes and they are different from normal human beings. He claims her genes have some sort of mutation. To which we hear familiar and nostalgic music play in the background, the theme of X-Men 97. Fans were ecstatic about the reveal as they rocked the internet with their reactions.

The theme of X-Men 97 was also featured in the recent Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness as Professor X made his entry into the hall of Illuminati. While fans might be upset about the writers not making Kamala Khan an Inhuman, her being a mutant could be a good alternative to the character’s origin story.

The Ms. Marvel series revealed Kamala Khan as Djinn, a species similar to humans but with superpowers who reside in the Noor dimension. A group of Djinns named Clan Destines were exiled from their dimensions and sent to Earth. Roaming the planet for decades, the group led by Aisha and Najma sought the magical bangle which could help them get back home.

Kamala Khan is the great-granddaughter of Aisha and inherited the genetic makeup of Djinns. She unlocks her power by coming into contact with the magical bangle. The plot is uncannily similar to a theory that has been circulating on Reddit. It suggests that humans with the latent X gene can gain mutations after experiencing severe trauma or after coming in contact with powerful artifacts. Just like Wanda and Pietro gained their powers from Mind Stone.

After Professor X, Ms. Marvel could be the first mutant to appear in MCU’s Earth – 616. That does not mean that she is the first-born mutant. Many have suggested that mutants might very well be living in the continuity of Earth – 616. Movies like Black Widow have featured characters like Ursa Major, whose comic book origins suggest that he is a mutant.

In the comics, Kamala Khan, an ordinary girl from Jersey Town, finds herself surrounded by Terrigen mist, a vapor that can cause mutations and can change human physiology. Trapped in a terrigen cocoon, Kamala Khan undergoes metamorphosis and emerges out of it with superpowers. It was later revealed that Kamala has a latent Inhuman heritage which granted her superpowers after she came in contact with Terrigen Mist.

While we are just witnessing the beginning of a new era where mutants will be introduced to the MCU, we still have a long way to go. Hopefully, the next piece of the mutant puzzle will be revealed in the 2023 film The Marvels starring Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel along with Zawe Ashton, Teyonah Parris and Samuel L. Jackson.

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