Jason Momoa reveals the real reason why Dante did not fight back against Dom in Fast X

Fast X reactions (Image via Universal)
Fast X reactions (Image via Universal)

Jason Momoa’s Dante came in like a wrecking ball in Fast X and turned out to be a force of nature. As a villain of Dom’s own creation, he turned into the Joker to Dominic Toretto’s Batman. He was charismatic, conniving, menacing, and partly crazy - the perfect foil to Dom Toretto’s righteous family man.

With Jason Momoa, fans have grown to see a lot of physicality being put into his roles. But in Fast X, people saw a more dramatic performance from him. Till now, most of the Fast Saga villains have had violent hand-to-hand combat sequences with Dom in the third acts of the films.

Something similar was expected out of Dante as well since Momoa has proven to be great with action movie roles in the past. But none of that happened as Dante got a total beat down from his enemy on the highway in Rio. He didn’t even fight back, and Momoa recently revealed the real reason behind that decision.

Jason Momoa's Dante loved getting beat up by Dom

Jason Momoa's Dante in Rio (Image via Universal)
Jason Momoa's Dante in Rio (Image via Universal)

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, the 43-year-old actor talked about making an incredible shift from a physically driven villain to a more charismatic and terrifying Joker-like bad guy. He revealed that Dante actually enjoyed getting beat up by Dom.

Jason Momoa said:

“For instance, Dom, we had a big fight scene planned for me and him, and we've seen that we've done that. They don't need to get into the showdown of fighting each other. I think it's way more interesting, he gets the a** kicked out of him, and he loves it. To get off on being beat up and just so he can get close to him because he's got the upper hand.”

This was the moment when Dante felt exactly like Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight. In the Rio scene, he almost relishes getting beaten up by Dom because he knows he’s ultimately winning, and Vin Diesel’s Dom has nothing on him.

Batman vs. Joker (Image via Warner Bros.)
Batman vs. Joker (Image via Warner Bros.)

Batman delivered a similar beat down to the Joker in The Dark Knight’s interrogation scene, where the latter withheld the information about where he was holding Rachel and Harvey Dent in captivity. Batman was desperate, and the Joker was able to use that to his advantage.

This is exactly what Dante also did in Fast X, as he was able to lure Tess to the fight scene, which allowed him to steal God’s Eye and go after Dom’s son.

The final battle is yet to come

Jason Momoa as Dante in Fast X (Image via Universal)
Jason Momoa as Dante in Fast X (Image via Universal)

Just like Joker and Batman had a final confrontation, Jason Momoa promised that there would be a violent battle between Dom and Dante. The Aquaman star continued to explain that even though his character enjoyed the pain, we will get a final battle too. He said:

“He constantly has the upper hand on Dom. And it's not that we don't want to see them fight because that showdown's going to come and that'll be violent, especially with someone who just adores pain and is probably already dead inside. It's scary when someone's getting off on that pain. And so, I wanted that to be there. And through that, his humor.”

Dom was left in a tough spot, but we can be sure that he will be back to fight Dante in Fast 11. He’d be even more motivated this time as he’d want revenge for Jakob’s demise.

Furthermore, the battle would get even more interesting as Agent Aimes and Luke Hobbs will also be involved in it. So, we’re yet to see Dante’s A-game, which was only teased when he attacked Cipher.

Fast 11 arrives in 2025.

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