Who were Khonshu's previous avatars as Moon Knight reveals his connection with Arthur Harrow in Marvel's latest Disney+ series

Different versions of Moon Knight (Image via Marvel Comics)
Different versions of Moon Knight (Image via Marvel Comics)

A new episode of Marvel's Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney Plus, and fans can’t wait for more. With more action and an intense performance by Oscar Isaac, Episode two was an absolute banger.

We got a closer look at the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, a huge biped man with a skull of a bird that looks menacing yet awesome. Khonshu’s interactions with Isaac’s Marc Spector and Steven Grant are both fierce as well as funny.


The second episode also provided viewers with a plethora of new information. We got the exposition of the antagonist Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke. While Harrow’s intentions for the world might be good, but just like the Mad Titan, his means of attaining peace are cruel. Harrow revealed that he was also the servant of Khonshu, which was a shocker for the audience.

The revelations beg the question, were there any other versions of the Moon Knight? If yes, then who were they?

Pirate, Gangster, and Viking Moon Knight served as the fist of Khonshu

Created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, the concept of the Moon Knight is intriguing because the Knight isn’t one person but a mantle passed on for generations. Marc Spector and Arthur Harrow were the two previous avatars of Khonshu, while it was revealed that Marc’s wife Layla could be the next avatar.

No other information on the history of his avatars has been revealed as of yet, but as per comic book sources, we are sure that many individuals have taken up the mantle of the Knight.

A story by Cullen Bunn, Ibrahim Moustafa, and Matt Horak, Moon Knight Annual #1, shows the deep and complex history of the character. In the comic, Khonshu is engaged in a conflict with Kang the Conqueror. Kang looks to collect three artifacts that can help him gain dominion over time. Khonshu sends his Knight Marc Spector across time to stop the conqueror from collecting the artifacts.

During his time-traveling adventure, Marc Spector came across many different avatars of Khonshu. In 1874, he met the Wild West version of the Knight with a revolver and silver bullets. During the era of World War II, Marc met an avatar who was an allied soldier leading an army called the Silver Company.

In a battle across space and time, Marc Spector is finally engaged in a climactic clash with Kang. In a chill-inducing moment similar to the portals of Endgame, Marc summons several Knights of Khonshu throughout history. We see Victorian-era Knight, Viking Knight, Roman Knight, Pirate, and many other versions of the Moon Knight.

With Kang as the big bad of the MCU, will he and the servant of Khonshu ever face each other? Just like different versions of Spider-Man, will different avatars of Knight ever fight alongside each other? Episode 2 teased Marc’s return to Egypt, will he meet his previous avatars? The burning questions will hopefully be answered in future episodes.

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