Spidey gets a new suit inspired by Green Goblin: What to expect from 'Amazing Spider-Man' #7 and #8?

Spidey's new Green Goblin inspired suit (Image via Marvel Comics)
Spidey's new Green Goblin inspired suit (Image via Marvel Comics)

Over the past six decades, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has donned many amazing suits. Be it the Spider-Punk outfit, Future Foundation suit, the futuristic Spider-Man 2099 suit, or the Iron-Spider suit, the webhead’s array of costumes has always impressed fans who can’t wait for more.


A brand-new costume will be added to the wall crawler’s wardrobe. In the current run of Amazing Spider-Man #7 and #8, Peter Parker will be wearing a suit designed by his arch-enemy Norman Osborn. Not only is the suit designed by Goblin, it bears an uncanny resemblance to Green Goblin’s menacing costume.

The new Goblin-inspired Spider-Man suit will be equipped with spider egg bombs and a spider glider

Green Goblin will always be Peter Parker’s fiercest foe. The man killed Peter's girlfriend, his wife, and his aunt and not only caused physical harm to the webhead but also caused him mental trauma. However, in the previous storyline, we saw Norman Osborn have a change of heart and he seems to be a reformed person.

Norman Osborn will be returning back to the "What did Spider-Man do?’ story arc and will side with Peter Parker. Thanks to his resources in the OsCorp industry and his previous escapades as the gliding Goblin, the new Spidersuit is equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets and technology. The new suit has a slight hint of green, which could be an ode to the Goblin.

The Spidey suit has a digital mask which can be altered as per the user. The suit is equipped with a multi-use backpack that can be used either as a jetpack, a Spider rover or a Spider glider. It would be amazing to see the wall crawler gliding across the New York skyline on the Spider glider.

The suit also comes with a pouch that holds egg bombs similar to the Goblins pouch of pumpkin bombs, but instead of exploding, the egg bomb will release thousands of baby nano spiders. The suit's overall color theme of red and dark cyan, along with contrasting yellow eyes and gadgets on his forearms, looks staggering.

The series is written by Zeb Wells known for Hellions and Venom: Dark Origin #1-5, while the art and cover is provided by John Romita Jr. The issues #7 and #8 come weeks before the sixty-year anniversary of our favorite wallcrawler, and The Amazing Spider-Man is the perfect tribute to the webhead.

The issue #6 of the series, which saw the wall crawler battle the Sinister Six Adaptoid, is currently on sale. The issue #7 will go on sale on July 6th, 2022, while the issue #8 will hit the stands on July 27th, 2022.

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