The Boys: Is Marie Moreau stronger than Homelander? Explained

Gen v marie can beat homelander from the boys
Blood is everyone's weakness (Image via Prime video)

The new spinoff series from The Boys universe, Gen V, has aroused considerable discussion about Marie Moreau and whether her powers are strong enough to fight the formidable Homelander.

The world of The Boys has always been teeming with tremendously powerful superheroes, each with a distinct set of talents and abilities shown throughout the three seasons of the main and the two spin-off series.

Without a debate, Homelander was the most powerful supe until Gen V introduced Marie Moreau. Marie, who made her debut in the spin-off series of the main show, Gen V, has the ability to manipulate blood in other people's bodies, including that of a supe. So this gives Marie Moreau theoretically, the ability and power to murder any supe, even Homelander.

The Boys: Who is Marie Moreau and what are her powers?

The Boys' Universe gets a fresh spin in Gen V, which focuses on Godolkin University. Controlled by Vought, this university aims to prepare young individuals to be real superheroes (more accurately their version of what a superhero is).

Gen V follows Marie Moreau, a young girl with the ability to manipulate and control blood who is accepted into the elite Vought-run school. During her time at the university, Marie makes some new friends, and she works with them to unravel a significant mystery surrounding Godolkin University.

Marie Moreau, like many supes, was administered compound V as a newborn by her parents. As a result, Marie obtained this ability to control blood, which has a wide range of applications. She has the ability to transform blood into sharp objects and project them onto a specific target via telekinesis.

The first episode of Gen V established Marie's ability to manipulate blood, by utilizing blood from herself as a weapon to kill her mother. Marie's blood-bending may be employed in a variety of ways, such as a weapon, an arrow, and more. Marie can even stop bleeding, implying that she has the potential to save countless lives on top of being a deadly threat to supes.

Marie was only capable of manipulating blood after it had left an individual's body until Gen V episode 4. However, in the fourth episode, Marie discovers she has been knocked unconscious and wakes up in the room of a psychic supe.

The supe is shown to have stripped nude and is about to make his move on Marie. But Marie puts a halt to this by sending increasing amounts of blood to the assaulter's p*nis, which ultimately bursts.

This Gen V episode demonstrates Marie's ability to manipulate blood while it is still running through an individual's body, thus allowing her powers a wide range of potential possibilities.

Can Marie Moreau beat Homelander?

The short answer is yes, Marie can beat Homelander and any supe (hypothetically) owing to her blood manipulation abilities. Marie Moreau, it seems is the most deadly and powerful supe in The Boys franchise.

The fact that Marie Moreau can manipulate blood while it is within an individual's body has huge ramifications since it implies she can beat Homelander in The Boys, who is shown as the toughest supe and nearly unbeatable.

The series had established right on from season one of The Boys that Bucther and his team's major objective has been to kill Homelander, and given Marie's talents, she might be the sole supe who can accomplish it.

Due to her ability to tamper with Homelander's blood, Marie may be able to finally get rid of him. The options are limitless for our young supe. Marie can rupture all of Homelander's veins, resulting in serious internal hemorrhage and death. She may also just stop Homelander's blood from flowing.

Gen V also emphasized the fact that Marie is still figuring out what her ability can do, thus she may have even more frightening talents that the show did not disclose. Both of the new facets of her skill, the healing and controlling someone else's blood, surprised her, indicating that she is continually discovering new things about her ability.

The upcoming seasons of The Boys and Gen V may reveal more of Marie's powers, solidifying her status as the strongest superhero in the franchise. The Boys seasons 1- 3 and Gen V season 1 are currently available to stream on Prime Video.

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