Gen V Season 2 confirmed to be in development before official announcement

A still from Gen V (Image via. Prime Video)
A still from Gen V (Image via. Prime Video)

The Prime Video show titled Gen V is a spinoff of the streamer's iconic superhero series, The Boys. For the time being, only four episodes of the former have been released, however, it has been confirmed by the Showrunner and Executive Producer that the second season is already in development.

Season 1 premiered on September 29, 2023, and will conclude on November 3, 2023. It will have eight episodes in total.

The show stars Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau, Chance Perdomo as Andre Anderson, Lizze Broadway as Emma Meyer aka. Little Cricket, Maddie Phillips as Cate Dunlap, London Thor and Derek Luh as Jordan Li, Asa Germann as Sam Riordan, and Shelley Conn as Indira Shetty.

Gen V season 2 is yet to be greenlit but already in development, confirms showrunner Michele Fazekas

The debut season of Gen V is set in the same timeline as The Boys, season 4. Season 4 of the latter was confirmed on June 2022, and will hopefully receive a release date soon.

Showrunner, Michele Fazekas, and executive producer, Eric Kripke, recently spoke to TheWarp. In the interview, they confirmed that since the series has been showered with a ton of love from both fans and critics, there is a high possibility for the streamer to green-light season 2.

The team is completely prepared as the work on the upcoming season has already started.

Michele Fazekas said,

"We do not have an official season to order yet. We’ve gotten the writers together to talk about what’s possible. So we’re hopeful."

Kripke added,

"We need to see how the show performs, and we need to see if people are watching it, and if Amazon’s happy. There is a second season writers room for ‘Gen V.’ Yes. I mean, look, the fact that Amazon has paid for Michele to have a second season [writers] room is a good sign. So, you know, fingers crossed."

Fazekas even confirmed that the team behind the show has thought way ahead in the future. However, instead of focusing on the seasons, they are working on the story and the characters.

Gen V synopsis


According to Prime Video, the synopsis of the show reads,

"From the world of The Boys comes Gen V, a thrilling new series set at America’s only college for superheroes. These gifted students put their moral boundaries to the test, competing for the university’s top ranking, and a chance to join The Seven, Vought International’s elite superhero team. When the school’s dark secrets come to light, they must decide what kind of heroes they want to become."

It was developed by Craig Rosenberg, Evan Goldberg, and Eric Kripke. Every episode's run time is between 47 to 59 minutes.

Gen V Season 1 episode 5 will be released on October 13, 2023.

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