What will happen to Billy Butcher and Hughie? The Boys Season 3 finale breakdown and Easter Eggs explored

Billy Butcher, Hughie Campbell and The Boys (Image via Amazon Prime)
Billy Butcher, Hughie Campbell and The Boys (Image via Amazon Prime)

After eight mind-boggling episodes, The Boys finally ended their successful season 3 run. The Amazon Prime original became one of the most viewed shows around the world, having racked up 4.58 billion minutes of run time. Eric Kripke's genius was once again on display, as he utilized characters from comic book pages to tremendous success.

Season 3 focused on The Boys finding a weapon to kill the infamous Homelander and coming face-to-face with Soldier Boy. They sought the help of this diabolical version of Captain America to kill Homelander.


With twists and turns that made fans squeal with joy and agony, the Soldier Boy saga ended with his capture at the hands of the CIA. Meanwhile, Homelander and Ryan are fostering a new father-son relationship.

Much to everyone's dismay, Butcher realized that he has 12-18 months to live, thanks to his prolonged use of the infamous superpower granting drug Temp V.

With a ticking clock set in motion, let us decipher the fate of Billy Butcher, Hughie, and The Boys as they settle the cross-hairs on the next target, the head-popping congresswoman Victoria Neuman.

Homelander was the clear winner in The Boys season 3

Episode eight, titled The Instant White-Hot Wild, opens with Homelander approaching his son. Ryan, after being pushed away by Butcher, finds solace in Homelander as the two mend their relationship. The episode is perfectly bookended as the demented hero introduces Ryan to his followers.

After a Starlight supporter turns violent towards them, Homelander lasers his brain out. However, much to viewers' shock, the hero's supporters applauded him and hailed his strength. Overwrought by the response, Homelander gathers his wits as both father and son smile in glee.

Having done poorly in the previous season, the hero is now at the top of the pyramid with a massive following. With Ryan by his side and Vought under his control, Homelander is the indubitable winner of this season.

Black Noir, on the other hand, did not fare well as he met his demise at the hands of the star-spangled supe. Kimiko has gained back her superpowers while Frenchie, who was mellow throughout most of the season, is back with his facetious humor. With that being said, it is speculated that Russian mobster Nina will return in season four for revenge.

Soldier Boy, Hughie, Butcher, and The Boys set out on a mission to kill Homelander. While there was skepticism after the recent reveal of Soldier Boy and Homelander’s relationship, their clash was inevitable. Billy Butcher with his Temp V power fights Soldier Boy, while Queen Maeve dukes it out with Homelander for her survival.

In the end, the nuclear wrath of Soldier Boy is stopped by Queen Maeve as she sacrifices her life to save everyone. However, in reality, she is alive and returns to a normal life with her partner. As per comics, Queen Maeve was killed while protecting Starlight from Homelander and Black Noir. The series somewhat stayed true to Maeve’s motives and there is no reason for Maeve’s character to return in future seasons.

Hughie and Starlight are going strong as the former quit Temp V and came to realize that being saved in a relationship doesn’t make one weak. Starlight quit The Seven and is on the warpath to take down Vought and Homelander through different means.

William Butcher might be leading the Boys to their doom

With Victoria Neuman and Homelander joining forces, Hughie, Starlight and The Boys are in a pickle for sure, but they will definitely find a way to get rid of the head popper.

As for Billy Butcher, the creators have set a ticking clock on his tail. With only 18 months to live, Butcher will resort to more meaner ways to take down supes. In the comics, Butcher is the main antagonist as he sets out on a mission to commit mass genocide and kill supes. He even kills the Boys (Frenchie, M.M and Kimiko) only to be killed by Hughie.

Comics have always been darker than the series and is one of the reasons why Kripke has strayed away a lot of times. But if Butcher continues on this path, there is no stopping him.

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