Is Soldier Boy stronger than Homelander? The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Breakdown (Easter Eggs and Ending Explained)

Homelander- The Boys (Image via Amazon Prime Video)
Homelander- The Boys (Image via Amazon Prime Video)

The third season of The Boys has been going strong with fans, perhaps even stronger than the mighty Homelander. The show has introduced various elements into play, which could potentially create some twists and turns as the finale comes closer. While some of these elements can account for minor stimulants, others have the potential to bring some real change.

Things got much more fun as Billy and Hughie stepped up their game with Compound V24 in the fourth episode. Not only that, but the episode also showed us the present-day Soldier Boy, who had less Captain America and more of a Winter Soldier vibe.

With the way things left off, it's safe to say that fans must be waiting to get to Friday for a brand-new episode of The Boys.

Easter Eggs from season three's fourth episode from The Boys

1) Madelyn Stillwell's son is a supe

// #TheBoys spoilers........they mentioned "teddy stillwell" here which means they imply that baby stillwell survived the explosion in season 1 because he's a teleporter but it's kinda not likely to me because he was still a baby. saved by homelander is a more possible

In the last episode of the first season, we all saw Madelyn Stillwell dying a tragic death at the hands of Homelander. Billy Butcher was present at the time, and he blew up the house the minute Homelander committed the deed. Till her dying breath, Madelyn was concerned about her son, Teddy, as he was present in the house where Billy had planted the bomb.

The good news is: that Teddy got out alive as he had teleportation powers. The boy appeared in the second episode of the third season and was present at the Red River Group Home for the Super-Abled when Hughie went in to investigate Victoria Neuman's past.

The reveal portrays that, including Ryan, there are now two super-abled children who lost their mothers to Homelander, and if it comes down to it, fans wouldn't mind seeing them get their revenge.

2) This season may be the last one for Queen Maeve

Maeve has been working hard with The Boys to end Homelander. However, if the creators are shaping her arc just like in the comics, there is a chance that she may not come out alive in the final battle. In the fourth episode, where she reveals that she has stopped drinking, we see her training hard to get revenge on Homelander.

In the comics, when Maeve fights Homelander, he manages to kill her as soon as her sword breaks. Her demise may have been hinted at in the scene where Kimiko tries to kill a Russian politician with s*xual toys based on the members of The Seven, and the toy based on Maeve breaks almost instantly, in the same way.

3) Jamie the hamster may stick with The Boys

im a Jamie the Hamster stan

Comic book fans are familiar with the hamster shown in the episode: Jamie. In the comics, a supe named Blarney Cock, who was also a member of the superhero team, Teenage Kix, had put the hamster in his anus. When he died, the hamster came out of the cavity, and Hughie insisted on keeping him as a pet.

While Jamie did not have superpowers in the comics, he was a solid supporting character in many adventures with The Boys. However, Jamie has some super cool powers in the show and seems to like The Boys, especially Frenchie. As Hughie did not show any particular interest in the hamster, we think Frenchie will be his caretaker in the show.

4) Soldier Boy may be more powerful than Homelander

Interesting part of the interview. . . #JensenAckles #SoldierBoy some mild spoilers

In the episode's big reveal of Soldier Boy, we see him using an extra-dangerous new superpower against Frenchie. To save Frenchie from potentially dying in the scenario, Kimiko jumps ahead of him and takes the blow. She managed to rescue Frenchie, but her healing abilities didn't kick in to help her recover from Soldier Boy's attack.

Kimiko's ability to get out of any attack made her almost indestructible in the eyes of the fans. Earlier in the episode, we also saw her heal from a bullet to the head. However, her inability to recover from Soldier Boy's attack may suggest that he has the power to debuff other supes. And if that is correct, the ultimate weapon to kill Homelander is not a particular gun or a foreign explosive; it's Soldier Boy himself.

The debut of new characters like Victoria Neuman, Soldier Boy, and Crimson Countess have certainly made things intriguing. Not only that, but elements like the invention of Compound V24 or that Homelander holds the highest command in Vought (as of now) have made this season even better than the rest. So our question to you is:

Are you as excited as we are for the next episode?

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