The Boys Season 3 Episode 1,2,3 breakdown: What is V24 and is Stormfront alive?

Soldier Boy/ Billy Butcher (Images via The Boys)
Soldier Boy/ Billy Butcher (Images via The Boys)

The new season of The Boys has only recently been released, and it's already generating waves throughout the internet. Every season, the show delves deeper into its complex characters, providing us with fresh reasons to enjoy it.

The series has returned with a slew of disturbing yet impressive scenes and significant improvements when compared to the previous two seasons. The show released the first three episodes altogether, and we cannot wait to see what happens next. But first, let's go through what has happened so far.

The Boys: breaking down all three episodes

1) Episode 1: Payback

Hughie Campbell (Images via The Boys)
Hughie Campbell (Images via The Boys)

The Boys picked up a year after the events of season 2 and began with Vought's consistent efforts to remove the Nazi tag from their foreheads.They also unveiled a movie called Dawn of the Seven to further plant the agenda that the company had nothing to do with Stormfront's behavior, which is partly true.

Amidst the movie premiere, Starlight decided to go public with her relationship with Hughie. The couple has been going strong for a year and is practically living together. While one love story blossoms in the episode, the other has come to an end. Mother's Milk and Monique are no longer together.

Monique broke up with Mother's Milk as he was too involved in the superhero business, but that's not all. Monique also has a new boyfriend now, Todd, who seems a little too weird. However, girlfriend or not, both Hughie and Mother's Milk, have left The Boys for different reasons.

Homelander (Images via The Boys)
Homelander (Images via The Boys)

Later in the episode, we also find out that Billy Butcher has left his faulty ways for little Ryan (Becca's son). He has stopped drinking and killing supes, as well as working illegally. He is now a part of Victoria Neuman's squad in the Federal Bureau of Super-Human Affairs, and his life has never been better.

Billy helps Victoria's firm, which is also where Hughie has been working, by organizing sting operations for busting supes, the bad kind of supes. In the first half of the episode, they try to catch Termite in action, and while they are able to achieve success, things get a little too strange.

Though the team is able to catch Termite engaging in something deeply disturbing, Victoria cannot help but release his actions in front of the world, and the whole operation goes to waste. Due to Termite's contract with Terminex, the little man is able to walk free.

Nadia (Images via The Boys)
Nadia (Images via The Boys)

As Billy gets worked up about the situation, he's visited by another one of his helpers, Queen Maeve. Maeve has had enough of Homelander's behavior, and she plans to put an end to it, once and for all.

She gives Billy the files of a supe who is as undestroyable as Homelander but is dead, through a special weapon. If the team finds that weapon, they can put an end to Homelander's terrors. She also offers him some temporary V, a new invention by Vought that makes anyone a supe for 24 hours, as the quest to find the weapon is inherently dangerous.

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Probably the most intriguing part of the episode, Stan Edgar calls Homelander and Starlight to a meeting and tells them his decision to make them co-captains.

While Homelander gets furious and leaves, Starlight is left with the decision to go ahead or back down. Hughie tells her that it's a big risk, but Starlight takes the opportunity anyway, thinking that it would be an honorable bidding for the female superhero community.

The furious Homelander then goes to meet Stormfront while she's paralyzed and barely alive. The scene brings out the God Complex in the character as he complains about his "difficult life" in front of a woman who has literally been burnt alive and is half paralyzed.

Amidst their conversation, Stormfront asked him again about her wish to create an army of superior Aryans through his help, but Homelander simply didn't care.

The highlight of the episode and the ending scene: Victoria Neuman is actually a supe. Yes, the woman in charge of the Federal Bureau of Super-Human Affairs, which is designed to catch supes, is a supe herself. Hughie becomes aware of the details and, unsurprisingly, panics.

2) Episode 2: The Only Man In The Sky

Crimson Countess (Image via The Boys)
Crimson Countess (Image via The Boys)

Deep finally shines among his audience, keeping his harassing days behind. His book Deeper, which was apparently written by a ghostwriter, comes out as a bestseller and is soon going to be adapted into a movie.

The episode features Homelander's birthday, a date assigned to him by Vought to celebrate his legacy, which is sad. So he goes to Stormfront, as per usual, to throw a temper tantrum.

He asks her to wish him while she seems to have an attack. He then adds, that if she wants to wish, she can blink her eyes, but after getting no response, he leaves.

Circling back to Hughie. As soon as he finds out about Victoria, he starts searching for clues to get to the bottom of the situation. He investigates her old orphanage and discovers that Stan Edgar and Victoria, or should we say Nadia (her real name), are the conspirators behind his failure to expose the supes.

Starlight (Image via The Boys)
Starlight (Image via The Boys)

Hughie is even ashamed to tell Billy that his reason for leaving the team and his quest to take down the supes fairly have been a huge waste of time.

Later in the episode, Billy is seen visiting Mother's Milk and trying to recruit him to the team again by telling him about the new information found on Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy is the reason Mother Milk's family is no longer, and while this intrigues him, he holds onto his own and denies the offer.

Billy then gets back to work and orders Frenchie and Kimiko to find out about Soldier Boy from his old flame, Crimson Countess, while he himself interrogates his sidekick, Gunpowder. However, both the quests lead to almost nothing.

Billy Butcher (Image via The Boys)
Billy Butcher (Image via The Boys)

Billy then calls Hughie and tells him that he made the correct decision by leaving the team and that he can obtain justice the right way. But gets extremely baffled when Hughie tells him the opposite while explaining everything about Victoria Neuman. This prompts Hughie and Mother's Milk to join the team again.

This motivates Billy to go after Gunpowder, and this time, he takes the Temporary V or V-24 (in secret) to get ready for the bullets. With increased power, Billy is able to find out about Soldier Boy's last case from his sidekick, while also killing him in the process due to uncontrollable power.

Apart from this chaos, the episode also shows the brutal news of Stormfront dying by suicide. While no body or proof was provided when it was announced, Homelander took it very seriously and killed a civilian in the aftermath.

Despite the events, we believe she is still alive and that the story of her death was fabricated to keep Homelander away from her.

3) Episode 3 - Barbary Coast

Mother's Milk and Billy Butcher (Image via The Boys)
Mother's Milk and Billy Butcher (Image via The Boys)

This episode of The Boys tells the untold story of the death of Soldier Boy. Earlier, we were left off with crucial information that Gunpowder revealed to Billy.

Now we pick up with Billy utilizing the information to go to the person who was leading Soldier Boy's last case, Grace Mallory. Mallory tells Billy and the rest of the team the story of when she met Team Payback and its leader, Soldier Boy.

In the war between Contra Rebels (Mallory's team) and Russian Back Sandanistas, Payback was sent to Mallory to assist her team in the war. But their involvement did the opposite. The supes, intoxicated and high, mindlessly, committed a lot of mistakes. They killed their own men and compromised the location of the camp, which led to thousands of death.

Soldier Boy (Image via The Boys)
Soldier Boy (Image via The Boys)

Even Mallory was left unconscious after she jumped through a blast, and when she woke up, she found out that Soldier Boy was attacked by a special Russian missile, and the Russians also took his body.

Returning to Starlight, the show was also gearing up for a big reveal of the new team members. At last, the studio selected Super Sonic, in an attempt to exploit his history with Starlight (they dated), and Deep, which was a choice Homelander put forth to annoy Starlight.

It was at that moment when the producers also announced that they wanted a love triangle between Super Sonic, Starlight, and Homelander, for publicity. Apparently, Homelander and Starlight kiss at the end of the episode. Yes, we were shocked as well.

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With only three episodes on the air, The Boys has managed to captivate their audience. As a result, we have high hopes for this season. The series will release new episodes every Friday, and while we don't know how many there will be, the future looks promising.

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