The deleted Superman cameo of The Flash revealed

Superman almost appeared in The Flash (Image via Sportskeeda)
Superman almost appeared in The Flash (Image via Sportskeeda)

With the arrival of Black Adam, Superman officially came back into the mix. The superhero had no shadowy appearance or a headless cameo. Henry Cavill was brought back, thanks to Dwayne Johnson’s persistent appeal. After being booed at Comic-Con, he convinced WB’s executives to bring Cavill back.

Cavill wasn’t just back for Black Adam or its sequel. He officially announced his return for a potential Man of Steel 2 and perhaps even a Justice League 2. But while those two projects were just presumptions, he was confirmed to be back in The Flash. But all efforts to make this happen have gone in vain, and even that Flash cameo has reportedly been deleted.

Henry Cavill’s Superman cameo in The Flash

Superman and the Flash in Justice League (Image via DC)
Superman and the Flash in Justice League (Image via DC)

Originally, The Flash was supposed to write Superman out of the DCEU. However, when The Rock persuaded WB Discovery executives to bring Cavill back, he quickly returned and shot two cameos in August. One was for Black Adam, and the other was for The Flash, which would have ensured his existence in the DCEU.

But because Cavill isn’t the caped hero anymore, there’s no need to keep him in The Flash either. Hence, his scene has been axed. But now we’ve come across new details regarding his scene.

The Flash and Superman (Image via DC)
The Flash and Superman (Image via DC)

In his tweet, The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez revealed how much Cavill made out of his two cameos:

“Cavill got paid $250k for the cameo in Black Adam and another $250k for the now deleted Clark Kent scene at the end of The Flash.”

Geeks Worldwide's KC Walsh then corrected Gonzalez's tweet, claiming that Cavill’s next cameo would not have been as “Clark Kent,” but as Superman.

“It wasn’t Clark Kent, it was Superman in the speed force and Flash sees him and says “Oh this is where you’ve been the whole time”

Many believed that the Superman scene would take place at the end of The Flash, where the Scarlet Speedster restores the DCEU and brings Superman back after writing him out earlier in the film. But apparently, as Walsh clarified, this Speed Force scene would have taken place somewhere in the middle of the movie.

Almost all 2023 DCEU movies are pointless now

The Flash and Aquaman (Image via DC)
The Flash and Aquaman (Image via DC)

With James Gunn ready to announce his new slate after the holiday season, it would be safe to assume that none of the upcoming movies will have sequels. There’s no incentive left to watch these shared universe movies because the shared universe itself is coming to an end.

People can watch them if they like the characters. But most of the interest in those films will be killed due to a lack of continuity in the future. Maybe James Gunn and co. could use the Flashpoint Paradox as a way to restart the DCU. That may be the only way for The Flash to become interesting to fans. And this way, the reboot would also make sense.

But maybe James Gunn doesn’t want anything to do with his old DC, which is why he won’t make this connection with The Flash either.

So with the upcoming DCEU movies serving no purpose in the future, are you guys excited for Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom? Do let us know in the comments below.

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