Top 5 comic book superheroes that deserve a movie

Gambit, Silver Surfer and Static (Images via Marvel Comics/DC Comics)
Gambit, Silver Surfer and Static (Images via Marvel Comics/DC Comics)

Superhero movies seem to have taken over Hollywood. Be it Marvel, DC, or any other studio, a movie containing superheroes will surely earn big bucks at the box office. With over 27 MCU and 10 DCEU films, the studios are churning out one movie after another.


Despite countless superheroes getting their live-action and animated movies, there are a few heroes who have not yet made their big-screen debuts. Here are five comic book superheroes that deserve to have their movie.

Marvel and DC boast a large roster of superheroes that deserve their own solo movies

5) Gambit


Gambit is undoubtedly the coolest X-Men. The mutant has the ability to charge objects with explosive energy and is yet to make a proper debut on the big screen. Although Taylor Kitsch briefly featured as Gambit in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there is much more that can be explored with the character.

21 Jump Street star Channing Tatum was signed as Gambit in a movie in the X-Men universe but the film was officially shelved in 2019. Gambit is a flamboyant character with an impressive backstory who deserves a film of his own.

4) Static


Created by Milestone Comics, Static is a character who primarily exists in his independent staticverse. Due to the character's increased popularity, Static was later introduced in DC comics. Static was designed as DC comic’s version of Spider-Man, a geek teenage superhero with witty banter and a love for pop culture. He can manipulate electromagnetic fields.

Static gained a huge fan following after the 2000’s animated series titled Static Shock, which led to die-hard fans demanding a live-action film. It was reported that Michael B Jordan was considered for the role of Static in a live-action movie, but the news did not hold ground.

3) Silver Surfer


Silver Surfer is one of the most complex characters in Marvel comics. Originally a resident of planet Zenn-La, Norrin Rad devoted his life to the servitude of Galactus in return for his planet’s safety. The herald of Galactus wanders across the vast cosmos in search of planets without lives to satiate his master’s hunger.

The Silver Surfer was adapted into a 13-episode animated series which was well received by fans. The chrome wanderer was also featured in the 2007 film, Fantastic Four: The Rise of Silver Surfer.

However, the character was portrayed as an empty husk and wasn’t provided with the depth that it deserved as per its comic book lore. MCU could use this complex cosmic character, especially since he has deep philosophical value.

2) Nightwing


Batman's first adopted son is almost always over-shadowed by his father. In comics, this same reason led Dick Grayson to give up the mantle of Robin and create a new superhero alter-ego named Nightwing.

Nightwing is an expert acrobat, leader of the Teen Titans and much more than the Caped Crusader. Although Nightwing has appeared in many DC animated movies and series, and is the protagonist of the HBO Max series named Titans, he is yet to receive his own solo movie.

Nightwing’s charismatic persona and his cool banter and demeanor will make a fantastic movie.

1) Spider-Gwen


Imagine a world where the radioactive spider stings Gwen Stacy instead of Peter Parker. Spider-Gwen aka Spider-Woman is an alternate version of Spider-Man.

Unlike Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen’s story takes a dark and tragic twist. In this universe, Peter Parker transforms himself into the Lizard, and is accidentally killed by Spider-Gwen. Burdened by the guilt of killing her lover, Spider-Gwen tries to strike a balance between saving the city and escaping the police hunt led by her own father.

The audience will instantly love this version of Spider-Woman on the big screen. Spider-Gwen made her debut in the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. The audience loved her character, voiced by Hailee Steinfeld, who is expected to return to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part 1) in 2022.

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