Totally Spies to return on Cartoon Network in 2024

Totally Spies has been renewed for a seventh season (Image via Marathon Media)
Totally Spies has been renewed for a seventh season (Image via Marathon Media)

Totally Spies, the French-Canadian animated series that ran on Cartoon Network for six seasons from 2001 to 2015 has been revived for a seventh season. The new season of the series, created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel and produced by Marathon Media, will premiere on the cable television channel in 2024. This comes from a recent press release by Banjay Kids & Family, the parent company of Marathon.

The seventh season will first arrive on the Cartoon Network in the United States. Following that, it will head to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa via the streaming service Max, formerly known as HBO Max. However, the return of the series' English voice cast, most notably the three leading voices, Jennifer Hale, Andrea Baker, and Katie Leigh, remains to be seen.


Benoit de Sabano the CEO of Banjay Kids & Family spoke about the revival of Totally Spies on Cartoon Network, and said:

"With strong female leads and an aesthetic that has inspired a generation, Totally Spies! is an iconic show with a hugely passionate global fanbase, eager to join the agents on their latest adventures,"

He added that the seventh season of Totally Spies and the series' revival will stay true to all the key elements that made it popular initially. He also said that the show has been updated for a modern audience so it reflects the challenges faced by spies and high schoolers.

What is Totally Spies all about?

The three leading ladies of Totally Spies: From Left to Right - Alex, Sam and Clover (Image via Marathon Media)
The three leading ladies of Totally Spies: From Left to Right - Alex, Sam and Clover (Image via Marathon Media)

Stephanie Berry, the show's producer, said that the story and characterization took heavy inspiration and visual references from other films and shows. These included the very popular Charlie's Angels, the James Bond films, Clueless, and the Japanese manga, Cat's Eye.

Totally Spies revolves around three high school girls in Beverly Hills, California, Sam (voiced by Jennifer Hale), Clover (voiced by Andrea Baker) and Alex (Katie Leah and later Katie Griffin). The trio leads double lives and works as secret agents for the World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP) after being recruited by the organization's leader, Jerry.

Jerry recruits all three girls with the purpose of solving crimes around the world. To help them solve crime, the girls are outfitted with latex jumpsuits and a wide variety of gadgets.

The crimes that the girls solve usually revolve around villains who have been wronged in the past. There are also some crimes in Totally Spies that have the same villains exacting revenge on the trio by wreaking havoc in their personal lives.

Additionally, there is also a subplot that shows Sam, Alex, and CLover deal with everyday problems. This includes the challenges of school and later college, their relationships, and their academic nemesis, Mandy.

The three leading girls of Totally Spies are also very different in their contributions to the team. Sam is the most intelligent of the three and is thus the brains behind their operations. She is also seen taking the role of an elder sister towards Alex and Clover, and is also quite logical, rational, and more mature than the other two.

Clover is the one with the best fashion sense and is athletic, agile, and strong. However, since she is impulsive and spontaneous, the is more prone to acting without thinking. Clover is also quite eager to teach the villains a lesson even when she doesn't always stand a chance against them.

Alex is the heart of the group in Totally Spies. While she is very quiet and modest in front of Sam and Clover, she admires them and values their friendship above anything else. Unlike Sam and Clover, Alex is also quite affectionate and isn't hesitant about expressing her feelings whenever she can.

Jerry, the trio's superior, takes the lead in summoning them for their missions and takes pleasure in doing so at rather inconvenient moments. He isn't as young as the girls but is athletic enough to help them in the field when and if they ever need it.

Jerry is also very attached to his British roots and acts very gentlemanly towards the girls, who do not miss an opportunity to tease him about this behavior.

All six seasons of Totally Spies are currently streaming in the US on Prime Video. The series can also be rented via or purchased on Amazon Instant Video or Itunes.

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