Who is DC Comics' Dolphin? Origin explored ahead of potential debut in Aquaman 2

Aquaman (2016) #27 (Image via DC Comics)
Aquaman (2016) #27 (Image via DC Comics)

Dolphin is rumored to be present as one of the cast members in the upcoming Aquaman movie. She's one of the most intriguing characters in Aquaman comics and is a loyal friend to the superhero. The character is also supposed to have a love angle with the titular character, as they have been linked in various comics on multiple occasions.

Amber Heard’s role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been significantly reduced to the point that most of her action scenes and character beats were completely cut out.

Amber Heard herself shared the news of her role getting reduced in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and as soon as she uttered the words, fans started looking in the other direction.

Since Heard's statement, there have been several rumors about Dolphin being in the movie rather than Mera. While some fans are devastated, others are particularly eager to see the character make her big debut.

Who is DC's Dolphin?

Aquaman (2016) #28 (Image via DC Comics)
Aquaman (2016) #28 (Image via DC Comics)

It all started when Dolphin was very young. She fell overboard from a cruise ship, and an alien race rescued her only to experiment on her. As they continued conducting experiments, she started gaining diverse biophysical transformations equivalent to mariner races, such as the Atlanteans.

When the aliens stopped, she fled their lab and escaped to the ocean. She then spent several years by herself, scavenging in total freedom. While she was enjoying her independence, she began to feel lonely after some time. Years later, she had an encounter with a Killer-Shark. She fought with all her might but lost the battle in the end.

Fortunately, she was saved by a crew of an oceanology vessel. The group took her to their ship to heal her bruises. They even gave her the name Dolphin. They took care of her and helped her in every way possible, but she was unable to communicate her thoughts. Seemingly, she had lost her voice due to the incident and lack of human contact.

Aquaman (2016) #27 (Image via DC Comcs)
Aquaman (2016) #27 (Image via DC Comcs)

The doctors then had the brilliant idea to teach her sign language, which she learned very quickly. She communicated her need to live under the sea like a free fish, and her desire was granted.

Dolphin finally learned to speak after meeting the Atlanteans. She also became a part of the Aquaman family when she saved Aquaman from Charybdis, an evil creature who wanted aquatic powers. She then managed to win the affection of the hero. The couple stayed together until Mera came back from her exile.

After some time, she married Tempest (formerly Aqualad) after he was able to win her heart with a kiss. The couple gave birth to a lovely baby boy, Cerdian. Aquaman was shocked by the news, but with time, he became used to it.

Entertainment industry expert Katherine Arnold took to the stand to testify that the actress was almost taken out of "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" had it not been for director James Wan and star Jason…

We're still not sure how prominent of a role Amber Heard will have in the next Aquaman movie. However, as discussed above, her character, Mera, can be exiled to another dimension while Aquaman and Dolphin begin their journey. Such a big change will absolutely impact the movie in a powerful way.

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