Who are the Enneads? Exploring Moon Knight's mythological gods

Enneads in Moon Knight Explored (Image via Marvel)
Enneads in Moon Knight Explored (Image via Marvel)

In the third episode of Moon Knight, fans learned that Khonshu and Ammit are not the only gods in the comic book series. Many other Egyptian Gods are part of the MCU now.

The third installment of the series sees Marc going into the Pyramid of Giza. This is where he comes across the avatars of several Egyptian gods, including Hathor, Isis, Osiris, and more.

Ancient Egyptians are said to have worshiped numerous Gods. However, Moon Knight focuses on a limited group of them, the Enneads. The group of Gods was referenced in the first installment of the series when Steven Grant talked to his boss about them at the museum.

Fans are now inquisitive about what the Enneads are and which Gods of the group have appeared in the Disney + series.

Enneads in Moon Knight and Marvel Comics explained

As seen in the first unit, Steven mentioned the Enneads as a supergroup of mythological gods. Enneads are a group of nine gods from ancient Egypt. Even the name Enneads comes out of the Greek word "ennéas," which means "the nine."

All the Egyptian Gods in the group have extraordinary superpowers (Image via Marvel)
All the Egyptian Gods in the group have extraordinary superpowers (Image via Marvel)

Enneads are said to be composed of Egyptian Gods or Heliopolitans. That’s because they come from a pocket dimension called Celestial Heliopolis.

These gods are prone to any disease, don't age and cannot die due to conventional reasons. Death can only be caused if any major part of their body gets dispersed. However, they can be resurrected by other gods. The Gods who are part of the Enneads are:

  • Hathor (god of music)
  • Nut (sky goddess)
  • Osiris (God of the dead)
  • Isis (Fertility Goddess)
  • Horus (God of Sun)
  • Anubis (God of funeral rites)
  • The Evil Seth (Former God of Dead)

In comics, the Enneads come with some extraordinary superpowers. For instance, some of them can take animal form from their humanoid state. They have denser bones and flesh if compared to human body tissues.

They can also lift anything up to 25 to 30 tons. So, you could say that these Gods are mighty like Thor, Odin, and other Gods in the Marvel universe.

Marc Spector gets into Gods' chamber (Image via Marvel)
Marc Spector gets into Gods' chamber (Image via Marvel)

We were introduced to the two Gods, Khonshu and Ammit until a few more made their way to the MCU through Moon Knight. Marc Spector encounters the Avatars of the other deities when he tries to stop Arthur and Ammit. That's when we came to know about the other group members.

Hardcore Marvel fans will know that this is the first time we've seen deities in any MCU project. It won't look like a minor deal if thought is given to it. It would also be interesting to see what role other Ennead members would play in the series.

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