Who is the most powerful Endless? Power levels explored as Netflix x DC's The Sandman brings Dream's siblings

The Sandman (Image via Netflix)
The Sandman (Image via Netflix)

Neil Gaiman’s critically acclaimed graphic novel The Sandman is getting a Netflix adaptation. The 75-issue comic series follows Morpheus, the god of dreams, who is captured by a mortal to gain eternal life. After breaking out of its captivity after almost a century, Morpheus returns to his dream realm, reclaims his powers, and rebuilds his world, which was previously in shambles.

The Lord of Dreams Morpheus is one of the Endless siblings in graphic novels. Neil Gaiman, who is known for personifying non-human entities, created Dream, Death, Destiny, Destruction, Delirium, Desire, and Despair. These anthropomorphic beings are the rulers of their respective realms and have powers that make them nearly invincible.


The Endless have gotten into conflicts with each other. However, with The Sandman streaming on Netflix, many wonder which of the seven Endless is the most powerful. Let's dive into Neil Gaiman’s magnum opus and find the most powerful Endless of them all.

In The Sandman universe, Death is the most powerful Endless

The power levels of the siblings are largely related to their age. The older an Endless is, the more powerful they are. However, despite being the second-oldest Endless, Death is said to be their most powerful member. On the other end of the spectrum is Delirium, the weakest, who is personified by a teenage girl with different colored eyes. However, one must not let her whimsical nature confuse you, since she is the lord of sanity and madness.

Despair and Desire are Endless twins who in any way do not look like each other. While Despair is characterized by a stark-naked bulky old lady, Despair is classier and can transform into any gender it seems fit. The twin siblings have a conflict of interest with the protagonist Morpheus. However, the most powerful among them is Desire who is cruel and just like its name wants everything that it desires.

The middle child of Endless is Destruction, who is characterized by a hairy, muscular, and mean-looking redhead man. Unlike his name and appearance, Destruction is the only Endless that seeks something exactly opposite to his name. After mankind created science and sensed the impending doom, Destruction chose a path of peace, art, and creation rather than destruction.

The third Endless Morpheus resides in the dream realm and controls everything in the living and dream realms. However, the Lord of Dreams has lost considerable power after being trapped on earth and losing his magical artifacts.

The eldest Endless in The Sandman universe is Destiny, who holds an infinite power within himself but is bound to the book of fate he possesses. Destiny did not take part in the quarrel between the Endless siblings. He is just a quiet observer, yet the irony is that Destiny is blind.

Without a doubt, as previously stated, the most powerful of the Endless in The Sandman world is the Endless that rules both life and death. Aptly characterized as a gothic woman, death is not bound to the rules that the other Endless are obliged to follow. Death, despite her immense power, is always cheerful and cheerful. A bubbly woman dressed in black is a breath of fresh air for a suffering soul.

The Sandman series ran from January 1989 to March 1996 and developed a cult following among its readers. It was one of the first novels to become a New York Times bestseller, and it was ranked 46th in Entertainment Weekly's list of the "100 best reads from 1983 to 2008."

The Sandman is currently available on Netflix. The series, adapted from an award-winning graphic novel of the same name, boasts an ensemble cast with Tom Sturridge as Dream, Mason Alexander Park as Desire, Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death, and Donna Preston as Despair. Gwendoline Christie will play the role of Lucifer, while Boyd Holbrook is the antagonist, The Corinthian.

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