Who is The Source? Origin explored as DC's Green Lantern #12 pays tribute to legendary Jack Kirby

The Source in Green Lantern #12 (Image via DC Comics)
The Source in Green Lantern #12 (Image via DC Comics)

Renowned comic book writer Jack Kirby is fondly called 'The King' of the comic book industry. His innovation in the domain of comics has helped the genre achieve new heights.

The prolific comic book creator has worked for both Marvel and DC. During his term as a writer for DC Comics, Kirby created many phenomenal characters and story arcs. One such creation is The Source, which is the origin of all lifeforms in the DC multiverse.


The Source can be described as a limitless form of energy that created all that we know and love in DC Comics. The Source almost serves as a metaphorical god of characters in DC Comics.

As an acknowledgement of Kirby's contributions, DC’s 2021 Green Lantern run featured The Source. The big twist was that The Source manifested itself in a human-like form that had an uncanny resemblance to its creator Jack Kirby.

All about Jack Kirby and his creation of The Source

King Kirby created a plethora of beloved characters and story arcs during his tenure at Marvel before making the shift to DC. He shaped iconic characters like Fantastic Four, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Black Panther, and Avengers. The renowned comic book cover of Captain America punching Hitler was made by Kirby and it was auctioned for 3 million dollars. Kirby's time at Marvel came to an end when he got into a creative dispute with the great Stan Lee.

Kirby decided to continue his dominance in the comic book space and joined DC Comics soon after where he created the New Gods. His DC comic debut New Gods #1 released in March 1971.

The Fourth World arc featured the story of all the beings in New Genesis and Apokolips with God-like powers. In the same issue, Jack Kirby created The Source, which was worshiped by the new Gods. The Source lies beyond the Source Wall, which blocks everyone who tries to seize power.

Green Lantern #12 , written by Geoffrey Thorne (known for his work in Truth and Justice and King in Black: Avengers) and illustrated by Tom Raney and Marco Santucci, showcased John Steward coming face to face with The Source, who happens to look like Jack Kirby.

Known to readers by numerous names and forms like the Wall, the Hand, and even the Turtle, The Source is an embodiment of God in the DC world. King Kirby is the perfect inspiration. Fans are absolutely delighted by DC’s tribute to the evergreen Jack Kirby.

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