Who is Young Justice's Razer? Exploring the origin of the DC character and the continuity of the animated series

The latest episode of Young Justice: Phantoms (Image via HBO Max/Warner Bros.)
The latest episode of Young Justice: Phantoms (Image via HBO Max/Warner Bros.)

Razer, a fan-favorite character from Green Lantern: The Animated Series, made his debut in the nineteenth episode of Young Justice: Phantoms. The popular DC animated series Young Justice is running strong on its fourth season on HBO max. Since its debut in 2010, the series has come a long way and has garnered a critical response as well as a cult fan following.


Another animated show that made its debut in 2010 on Cartoon Network along with Young Justice was Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Unlike Young Justice, Warner Bros. did not retain the series and it was canceled after the second season. The star of the series, a Red Lantern, made an epic comeback in the latest episode of Phantoms, proving that the Green Lantern series is a canon to Young Justice.

In the recent episode of Young Justice: Phantoms Razer dual-wields red lantern and blue lantern rings

Razer was an original character created specifically for Green Lantern: The Animated Series. He was a Volkregian soldier fighting against the atrocities of warlords on his home planet. Shattered and grief-stricken after learning about his wife’s death, the rage in his heart attracted the Red Lantern ring which he accepted. He along with other Red Lanterns like Atrocitus and Zilius Zox killed many Green Lanterns.

However, the Red Lanterns were defeated in a battle against Hal Jordan, which led to Razer’s change of heart. The Red Lantern along with the Green Lantern Corps had many adventures across the universe. He even spent some time with the Blue Lantern Corps, where he met Aya, an artificial intelligence, and fell in love with her.

In the climax of the Green Lantern series, Aya sacrifices herself to save everyone. Back to square one, Razer is alone and devoid of love but this time his heart is full of hope. The series ends on a cliffhanger with the Red Lantern leaving in search of Aya, while a Blue Lantern ring follows him, signifying his strong hopeful heart.

Fans of the series were left clueless about the future of the characters until episode nineteen of Phantoms titled, Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!" The series begins with Green Lanterns Kilowog and Tomar-Re discovering their old friend in space in a state of comatose. Razer is wielding a blue lantern ring but is losing hope as he has not found Aya yet.

In the episode, Metron makes an offer to exchange the red lantern ring for his Blue Ring. Back in his red rage ring, he goes on a rampage but is snapped back quickly. In an epic sequence, he wields both his red lantern as well as blue lantern ring.

Fans went crazy and took the internet by storm after watching their favorite characters’ new form. The showrunners of Green Lantern: The Animated series Jim Krieg and Giancarlo Volpe were co-writers of the nineteenth episode. The character deserved the closure, although it was provided a decade later. Razer will hopefully be back in future episodes of Young Justice.

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