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10 reasons why it's tough to be an Indian cricketer

Being a cricketer is tough – it takes a lot of hard work, commitment and sacrifices to become a world class cricketer. However, it’s even tougher, if you are born in India. Cricket in India is a religion (yes, it’s a cliche but am still using it) and people go nuts about the team and it’s members. If you win, you’re a demi god, if you don’t it can get a little nasty.

Forget your technique, you need something more to become a cricketer and play for India. Here are the 10 major reasons why it’s tough to be an Indian cricketer:

1. You are always the “Next Tendulkar” 

The Next Tendulkar or the first Kohli

The Next Tendulkar or the first Kohli

Biggest hurdle for a young cricketer. You are always tagged as the “next” someone. If you are a batsman and have scored a couple of blazing hundreds, you’re the next Tendulkar and if by mistake, you have ever helped India to save a game from a tight spot, you are definitely the “Next Wall” in the making.

Forget Tendulkar and Dravid, nowadays, if you’re a great U-19 talent and have a swagger about you (read foul-mouthed), you run the risk of being tagged as the “Next Virat Kohli” and if by any cruel twist of fate, you’re a bowler and have conceded important runs, the tag of the “Next Ishant Sharma” is waiting just round the corner for you.

2. You are as good as your last game

100s is all we care about!

100s is all we care about!

If you’re an Indian cricketer, you can never be out of form, period. Unless of course, you’re Virender Sehwag. You have to score eighties, if not hundreds, every game to even become a crowd favourite.

Statutory warning: A quick cameo of 40 is not good enough because no one will even notice it. In India, you aren’t a batsman if you can’t score a 50 in every game.

However, if you’re a bowler, it’s a little easier. If you don’t concede more than 40 runs in a game, you’re GOD.

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