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2800 seats to be left vacant for Sachin Tendulkar's last Ranji Trophy match for security

Security paramount for organisers in Sachin’s last domestic match

Haryana Cricket Association (HCA) is facing a tough challenge ahead of probably their biggest Ranji Trophy game when the hosts take on Mumbai on 27th October in Lahli.

It’s not ‘just another domestic game’ this time for Haryana as this match will be Sachin Tendulkar‘s last Ranji Trophy game in his career.

Preparations for the big game are going on in full scale and the HCA, as a precautionary measure, has decided to keep 2,800 seats out of a total capacity of 8,000 empty in the Chaudhary Bansi Lal Stadium near Rohtak.

Out of the rest 5,200 seats, 400 have been reserved for HCA guests.

Even STAR India are making full use of the opportunity and will telecast the four-day game live, as many fans are expected to tune in to a Ranji match where Sachin would be entering his 25th first class season in domestic cricket.

HCA secretary Anirudh Chaudhary was quoted by Mail Today as saying, “The capacity of the stadium is 8,000, but we have decided to keep 2,800 seats vacant on the second floor of the pavilion that also has the teams’ dressing rooms. The entry for players to the stadium and for fans [ to go to the second floor] is from the same gate, the main one.

“So, to channelize entry into the stadium we will keep those seats empty. Only players, people involved in the broadcast of the match, volunteers, and the media will be allowed from the main gate. This much traffic will be easily manageable,” he said. “We have taken this measure to avoid an incident when someone gets excited and tries to barge into the dressing room.

“Certain tickets have been allocated to district units, and some to Lahli village’s youth. Tickets have been allocated to players and officials, and also to those who have come to our stadium to request for tickets and whose names we have duly noted down in a copy [as part of security measures]. We have reached our seating capacity already. All seating is complimentary tickets.

“We are trying to ensure good playing conditions. We have engaged the services of a security agency. Besides, the local administration is also making plans to maintain law and order,” Chaudhary said.

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