3 Reasons why cricket should be included in the Olympics

Cricket in the Olympics
Cricket in the Olympics

#2 Ultimate growth of cricket

The number of cricket fans can double if it is included in the Olympics
The number of cricket fans can double if it is included in the Olympics

Cricket is gradually becoming one of the most loved and the most watched sports in the world. Also, according to some projections, cricket could surpass football in popularity and development very soon.

If women’s cricket is included in the Olympics, that format will also be elevated and could well become the most watched women’s sport in the world.

Due to the Olympics, many associate and affiliate nations like Canada, Russia, China, US will become well-versed with the sport and will be motivated to play more of it. If more countries play cricket, eventually, it will become a bigger global sport.

#1 T-10 could easily fit into the Olympics format


One of the reasons why cricket has not been included in the Olympics so far is the huge amount of time required to conduct a cricket tournament.

But the organizers of the Olympics would be pleased at seeing the popularity of the T10 format, as 10-over matches will not take up too much time.

The ICC could possibly plan a qualifiers tournament before the Olympics and organize the quarters, semis and finals of the tournament at the Olympics. Alternatively, they could also plan a knockout league to give every team a chance to feature on the grandest stage of them all.

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