5 best Australian slip catchers of all time

Australia slip cordon
Slip catching is an intrinsic part of Australian cricket folklore
Ram Kumar

From classical batsmen to dynamic craftsmen and menacing fast bowlers to magical spinners, Australia have produced a plethora of great cricketers. Across both Tests and ODIs, they have set the standard for unparalleled dominance. The peripheral reason behind their supremacy in the game stems from their penchant to unearth a factory line of world-class cricketers on a regular basis.

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Apart from the two premier departments of the game, fielding has also been an integral part of Australian cricket legacy. In particular, their slip catching is usually on the highest quality. Let us now take a look at five of the best slip catchers produced by the cricketing superpower. While emphasis has been placed on Tests, exceptional catching in the cordon in ODIs have also been factored into account.

#5 Greg Chappell

Ian Chappell Greg Chappell
Greg Chappell (second from left) possessed an immaculate catching technique

Following in the wake of elder brother Ian, Greg Chappell established himself as a key figure in Australian cricket during the 1970s and early 1980s. Aside from his majestic prowess with the bat, he was also a reliable fielder in the slip cordon. Much like his technically driven batting, his approach to catching was built on an unwavering adherence to the fundamentals.

From 87 Tests, Greg Chappell effected 122 catches. Only five Australian cricketers have pouched more catches in the history of Test cricket. His catch-per-innings ratio of 0.739 stacks favourably with the most prolific fielders of all time. He also grabbed 23 catches from 74 ODIs.

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