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5 biggest controversies in New Zealand cricket

S Samaddar
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#4 Glenn Turner’s spat with Ian Chappell

Benson and Hedges Cup Final - Kent v Worcestershire
Glenn Turner  was the first great batsman that New

Glenn Turner was the first great batsman that New Zealand produced and he went on to become one of the most iconic cricketers to have ever played for the country.

So, when the country’s greatest cricketer at the time has a spat with another iconic cricket from neighbouring Australia, then it does become a big controversy in its own right.

Ian Chappell was well known for being a bit of an abrasive character and it seems the pair ran into each other during the course of a Test match.

However, there are two separate versions of the event, one narrated by Turner and the other by Chappell.

The New Zealand legend said that during a passage of play, the Australian captain had started abusing the umpire and hence, Turner intervened. When he did so, Chappell started abusing him as well.

However, Chappell responded to the allegations by sending an e-mail to the website which published Turner’s claims and called them ‘Turner’s lies’.

Chappell said that he had written about it in his autobiography and he stated that he was having a word with the umpire when Turner intervened in the discussion. That is when Chappell asked him to stay out of it.

The truth perhaps will never be known but it remains a controversial chapter in New Zealand’s cricket history due to the stature of the individual concerned. 

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