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5 crucial losses that proved to be turning points in Virat Kohli’s career

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India v Pakistan - ICC Champions Trophy Final
Failure is the stepping stone to success...

The kind of success Virat Kohli is enjoying at the moment comes to the lives of only a few destined people. Everything he touches seems to be turning to gold, reminding us of the Midas touch which Dhoni once had. He plunders opposition bowling attacks, milking runs in a manner most pleasing to the human eye. He marshals his troops with swagger and strategy, leading from the front, achieving one victory after another in his bid to scale the rankings across all formats. 

The team is at the top of the Test and the ODI rankings and he is himself number 1, 2 and 3 on the batting charts for ODIs, Tests and T20Is respectively. And if the win in Johannesburg is anything to go by, he is all set to set right India’s overseas record in the coming year or so as he travels across the world with the numero uno status. 

All of this success and superstardom that he enjoys has not come overnight. His determination and talent coupled with unparalleled work ethic have elevated him to such a position where people who once spoke of his attitude as being brash and abrasive today believe that his aggressive instincts are the way forward for Indian cricket.

This Delhi boy, who comes from a middle-class family but is the poster boy of world cricket today, has experienced quite a few ups and downs in his career. While history will remember King Kohli for the innumerable victories that he clinched for his team, there have been certain losses which have proven to be milestones in his career, helping him evolve both as a person and a cricketer.

We have a look at 5 such losses that played an instrumental role in the shaping up of Virat Kohli. The greatest loss though, much greater than any on the field, was the one when the 17-year-old ‘Cheeku’ lost his father in the middle of an ongoing Ranji Trophy match. What was surprising was his dedication to the sport as he turned up on the field the very next day to save the match from a precarious position for Delhi.

One thing common across all these losses is that the run machine Kohli fired in all of them, coming up with performances that people took note of.

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