Top 5 Virat Kohli - MS Dhoni DRS moments

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Kuldeep Yadav got his 2nd ODI scalp with the help of Dhoni and DRS
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India were the first team, along with Sri Lanka to experience the DRS (Decision Review System) in 2008 when it was first tried in the Test series in Sri Lanka.

While using the DRS, one needs to be careful as there are only limited reviews available. Kohli is very impulsive with his DRS calls and has been criticised for his impulsive reviews as well. He often trusts the bowlers' call for the review which, more often than not, results in the team losing the review. That's where the role of wicketkeeper becomes important (for DRS) as they have more or less the best angle of the proceedings going on.

But in ODIs, India have a hawk-eyed keeper. MS Dhoni has been a master in watching and reading the game with a keen eye. His success with the DRS is extraordinary. He rarely gets it wrong and that’s why Kohli almost relies on Dhoni’s word for the DRS in limited-overs, but again, on some occasions, Kohli lets his impulsive nature take over.

Kohli and Dhoni share a great relationship on and off the field. But there are a few special on-field moments with DRS. Here are some Kohli-Dhoni DRS moments.

#5 West Indies vs India, Trinidad, June 2017

India played a bilateral ODI series in West Indies after six years and with the first ODI washed out, India ended up with a massive 310 in the second. Chasing 311 in 43 overs was always going to be tough, but Shai Hope was batting well on 81.

Kuldeep Yadav, in his maiden outing with the ball in an ODI international, trapped Shai Hope in front after the latter tried his most successful shot against the spinners; the sweep. It hit him in line with middle, well below the knee-roll and the only question was whether Hope got an under-edge, which he didn't.

The umpire surprisingly turned it down, only for India to review it. It was Dhoni who convinced Kohli to go up for the review. Dhoni once again proved he has a hawk-like eye behind the stumps.

#4 India vs England, Kolkata, January 2017

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Kohli went up for a review even after Dhoni's reluctance

With India having sealed the series in Cuttack, England were going well at 150-2 having seen out a difficult period at the start where the ball was moving around. India were looking for a breakthrough and Bumrah was in his second spell.

A back of length delivery hit Eoin Morgan high on the pads and it seemed like an inside-edge onto the pad which lobbed up to Dhoni. A delivery that pitched outside-leg hurried onto Morgan and flicked his pad on the way to Dhoni. Kohli was seen almost celebrating. He ran in front of Dhoni and signalled for the review despite MS telling him that it wasn’t out.

UltraEdge showed a flat line and the ball pitched outside leg which ruled out LBW as well. The review was wasted and both Kohli and Dhoni had a chuckle about it as both of them saw the funny side of it. It was an impulsive review from Kohli and he signalled out to Dhoni who was very reluctant about the review. Both of them had a laugh about it after the review.

#3 India vs England, Pune, January 2017

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Dhoni was so sure that he signalled the T-sign as soon as the caught-behind appeal was turned down

England were back after the Christmas break for the limited-overs leg (3 ODIs and 3 T20Is) of their 2016-17 India tour and the hosts had only these three ODIs before the Champions Trophy. England were well placed at 157-2 in the 27th over and a partnership between Root and Morgan was developing.

Morgan -- batting on 28 off 25 balls -- tried to steer a shortish delivery down to third man off Hardik Pandya, and the ball took a faint edge which was easily taken by Dhoni. Not given by umpire Nandan, Dhoni himself signalled the T-sign and within no time Kohli went up for the review.

UltraEdge showed a clear spike as the ball went past the bat and the decision had to be overturned. This was Kohli's first review as ODI captain and Dhoni, like a seasoned pro he is, bossed the DRS.

#2 Sri Lanka vs India, Colombo, August 2017

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Dhoni can be credited for Shardul Thakur 's maiden ODI wicket

India were calling the shots in Sri Lanka. Having whitewashed the hosts in the Test series, India had already pocketed the one-day series and were 3-0 up. They once again exhibited their dominance, racking up a mammoth 375 batting first with Kohli and Rohit smashing hundreds.

Dhoni, playing his 300th ODI, had already chipped in with an unbeaten 49 and helped debutant Shardul Thakur get his maiden ODI wicket. A delivery down leg-side which Dickwella looked to pull, brushed his glove on the way to Dhoni.

The umpire though signalled it as a wide even though there a huge appeal. Dhoni was convinced there was a noise and conveyed the same to Kohli, who after a chat with Dhoni, went up for the review which brought about Dickwella’s downfall.

Dhoni deserved full credit as he heard a faint noise even with all the noise the crowd were making and once again Kohli, like always, took Dhoni’s word.

#1 Sri Lanka vs India, Colombo, August 2017

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Kohli always relies on Dhoni for DRS related decisions

It was the same game again as #2. Sri Lanka were two wickets down and batting in the eighth over of the innings when Dhoni’s services were called upon again. This time, the batsman was debutant Dilshan Munaweera and the bowler was Jasprit Bumrah.

Munaweera flirted with a delivery down leg-side as he tried to flick it away. There was another loud appeal from behind the stumps only to be turned down by umpire Paul Reiffel who wasn’t convinced.

Kohli once again looked for Dhoni’s approval for the review and went upstairs after the former skipper gave him the nod telling him he heard a sound and the UltraEdge showed a big spike as the ball passed the glove. The Kohli-Dhoni duo were spot on once again. Sri Lanka were suddenly three down and two of them were out to brilliant reviews.

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