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5 life lessons given by Rahul Dravid

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In a career spanning 16 years, Rahul Dravid found several admirers from all around the world for not the just he played the game on the field, but also for the dignified manner in which he conducted himself away from it.

A gentleman on and off the field, a lot can be learnt from his calm and balanced demeanor which was mistaken at times for passiveness and a lack of 'fire in the belly'.

Usually, cricketers are not high on the list of role models whom parents would advise their children to look up to, but Dravid could well be an exception to that line of thinking.

Here are five life lessons that one can imbibe from the great man's career:


The eyes often told a story
The eyes often told a story

Regarded as a cricketer who did not show too much emotion on the field, Dravid's expressions or the lack of it was often mistaken for him to be a passive cricketer, someone who could not give it back to the bowler or the opposition when provoked.

However, there have been examples on the field when the right-hander did not shy away, the most notable one involving him and Shoaib Akhtar during the ICC Champions Trophy of 2004 when some of the surrounding Pakistani cricketers had to intervene to stop the altercation between the batsman and the bowler.

Even the commentators viewing proceedings were left a bit shocked at what had happened out in the middle.

There was another instance during the 2013 IPL when he had a go at Mitchell Johnson, who had a word or two to say about his batting.

Matthew Hayden, the former Australian opening batsman, had this to say about Dravid's aggression:

"When I look into Rahul Dravid's eyes I know that though he might not be outwardly aggressive, he is inwardly aggressive: he wants to hit the ball, he wants to seek out opportunities. He has got fire in his belly. A lot of the aggression that you see now, like staring and chatting, is all guff. That is just a waste of time"

It doesn't matter if you are open about your emotions, what does matter is if you can get the job done in your own aggressive manner, that's what the world wants to see.

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