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5 of the most embarrassing things in cricket

Falling over while delivering the ball can be quite embarrassing for a bowler
Modified 22 Oct 2016, 22:41 IST
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All the competitiveness and desire to win at any cost that has always been a part and parcel of cricket makes it a serious sport just like any other. However, at times, the camaraderie between players from the opposing teams tends to lighten the proceedings and gives everyone some much-needed breathing space.

On certain occasions, occurrences involving cricketers on the field can also turn out to be amusing for fellow players as well as the crowd. But it causes nothing but sheer embarrassment for the one who is responsible for the actions.

Here are 5 of the most embarrassing things that a player can go through on a cricket field:

#5 Getting out hit-wicket

Yuvraj Singh was dismissed hit wicket in a match during the 2016 IPL season (Image Credit: News18)

Perhaps the most suicidal form of being dismissed in cricket is getting out hit-wicket. This happens when the batsman’s bat or any part of his body crashes against the stumps and dislodges the bails while he is trying to negotiate a ball delivered to him.

The reason why this mode of dismissal can be embarrassing for the batsman is because it gives the impression that he got out on purpose. Batsmen who stand very deep inside the crease are the most likely ones to get out in this manner.

Sometimes, it is not even the fault of the man who is dismissed as his back foot may slip due to the moisture on the ground and his boot may smash into the stumps. The history of cricket has also seen instances when the batsman went off balance while dealing with a bouncer and fell on the stumps.

However, getting out hit-wicket is perhaps the last thing that a player can wish for while he is batting.

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Published 22 Oct 2016, 18:28 IST
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