5 things that go through a fielder's mind before taking a catch

We wonder what Jonty Rhodes though of before taking this spectacular catch
Rajdeep Puri

Fielding during a cricket match, whether it's a Test or an ODI can become cumbersome, tiring and at times, tedious, especially if you’re a batsman who cannot bowl well. There are not many thoughts which run through a player's mind while fielding. They listen to their captain as he makes them move around the field constantly or try and interact with the crowd if they are standing next to the boundary.

But when the batsman hits the ball up in the air and a fielder runs and comes under the ball to take the catch, there are a lot of thoughts which begin to run through a fielder’s head. Human tendency is to think of all that could go wrong before performing a particular task, and thus, fielders tend to think of the worst before taking a catch.

Here are the top 5 things that go in a fielders mind before taking a catch. 

Note: This is a humour piece, and the views should not be taken literally. 

#1 Will it hit me?

One of the biggest concerns of every cricketer is the thought of the ball hitting them before they catch it. As the batsman hits it up miles in the air, a fielder dreads coming under it. He hopes for someone else to come and take the catch. But, when there’s no choice, he makes the dreaded decision and gets ready for the inevitable. 

One of the main reasons why catches are dropped is because of the fielders tend to think about the ball hitting them and eventually fumble.

Hmmm...maybe, the likes of Munaf Patel and Ashish Nehra thought about this a little too much before taking a catch. 

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