5 things that go through a batsman's mind while facing a bowler in a Test match

Rajdeep Puri
Modified 04 May 2017
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Batting for a long time during a test match can be a tiring and cumbersome process, especially in a hot and humid environment, and with the opposition bowlers running in with all their might.

To keep themselves motivated and focussed throughout the day, a batsman often tends to think of interesting things to keep his mind occupied.

Here are the top 5 things on a batsman’s mind while facing a bowler in a test match.

Note: This is a humorous piece and the views are not intended to be taken literally.

#1 What's for Food?

While batting – whether it's during the first over or the last, a common thing which is on every batsman’s mind is – Food. Apart from worrying about Mitchell Starc’s toe-crunching yorkers, or Ravichandran Ashwin’s carrom ball, a batsman worries about what he’s going to eat during the break. 

During the morning session, a batsman thinks about what’s going to be served for lunch as he starts working up his appetite by hitting a few shots here and there. During the 2nd session, he thinks about what scrumptious snacks are going to be served during tea, and of course, during the last session, they reflect on the wonderful food that the hotel is going to serve them at night. 

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Published 20 Sep 2016, 17:43 IST
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